Sabed, oh dear reader, which according to the Chronicles Nemedias, among the years that took place while the oceans engulfed atlantis and their gleaming metropolis and the time of the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an unthinkable era, an era in which bright kingdoms They extended around the world as blue mantles under the stars… and that was then when Conan appeared, the Cimmerian, black hair and sullen look, sword in hand, thief, looter, killer, with giant melancholy and gigantic sorrows, for Put under your sandals the bejoyed thrones of the earth.


Basic information

  • Developer: Mighty Kingdom
  • Editor: FunCom
  • Platforms: PS4, One, Switch, PC
  • Proven version: PS4
  • Availability: 01/03/2022

And under his new wire patitates, courtesy of Mighty Kingdom and Funcom, developer and distributor, respectively, of a Conan Chop-Chop who, as his own name let glimmer, try to reverse the laurels of the Cimmerio and his allies through a vision much more careful of your adventures.

The monolithic followers of the character stories of Robert E. Howard may come frunged before a title, unlike their previous incarnations, presents a sympathetic and colorful visual section, very debtor of comic strips such as Cyanide & Happiness. However, the thirst for adventures, conquest and looting Valeria, Bêlit and Conan himself is satiated into a roguelike in which the action is, without any kind of doubts, the main focus of attention. For this, Conan Chop-Chop does not hesitate to take fulfilled notes from one of the main ones – if not the most important – references of the genre: the first incarnation of The Binding of Isaac. Crazy synergies between skills and items, combat in rooms that will be closed to our entrance and that we will have to cleanse enemies to be able to move forward, a generous pool of objects to unlock and a delicate balance between risk and reward by exploring each dungeon. All these characteristics will resonate between those who have passed innumerable hours – except that they look at the time counter, put, Steam – Dispatching unspeakable bugs and testing the most varied cocktails of objects.

A priori, and with these mimbres, Conan Chop Chop was in possession of a recipe that was almost a guarantee of a good result. However, the introduction of factors such as the four-band cooperative and certain imprecisions in the design make the formula squeak as soon as we have to approach it alone.

To the thread of this, it should be noted that Conan Chop Chop is not a copy to the millimeter of the references of it and, therefore, introduces elements of the Harvest itself. If we stop our view on combat, the possibility of alternating between body to body and distance attacks – arrows, go – or the introduction of shields achieves that, since from the beginning of each run, we have a good handful of elements to combine… and improve, with everything that does lead. And is that as we move in our tellets to stop thoth amon – or was Kulan Gath? What is certain is that he is a despicable sorcerer worshiper of set-we will raise, hardly, materials to unlock armaments and accessories, expanding the random selection that will await us in the town and, therefore, improving our abilities. So far the good part.

????THIS GAME IS OLD SCHOOL COOP GOLD!???? | Conan Chop Chop

The bad part is that in Conan Chop Chop anything is free. Quite the contrary. At the beginning of each RUN we can reverse the little gold with which the character begins in increasing the arms and defensive abilities or endorsing some mystic jars. But the thing Don “t stay there. If we complete one of the four main zones of which the adventure will consist, we will return to the initial town and we will find new and improved goods that, unfortunately, will have increased considerably of price. Thus, we find a system that leaves obsolete the LOOT obtained until that moment and that it forces us, again, to invest the money achieved to have a minimum guarantees of facing the next level. This dynamic imposes an unjust monetary barrier in-game to progress, not to say that it is ugly to pay twice by the same sword, one with scarce materials of improvement and another with gold from our booty.

A sense of injustice that occurs because of the structure of the dungeons. As we mentioned earlier, CONAN CHOP CHOP develops the encounters of it on par with other unappealable titles in the genre. While we will have an area prior to every dungeon that we can explore freely and when we access the depths of it there will be no turning back, in the rest of its configurations we can perceive very familiar patterns. Blocks that will try to imprison ourselves, the sempritos skewers that will arise at our passage -and that of our enemies- or destructible elements that can, or not, that hide surprises will be a constant that will make a few confrontations full of dodging, blocks and spade. So far, everything is correct. Now, while moving forward by these enclaves is not, at any time, a military walk, its difficulty pales against the high challenge peak that the final chiefs of each dungeon suppose. Authentic harm and machines to eliminate our health of a pluma, are not enough to play with these advantages, but, in addition, they splash the stage with the enemies of the area to distract our attention from their attack patterns, scratch some essentials Points of life and, in general, give poorly to the poor Conan.

In short, all these imprecisions in the design of Conan Chop Chop are given by a healthy but poorly focused intent to articulate very disparate elements. Few, and very scattered, are the roguelikes that implement a viable multiplayer, do not say already incorporating the possibility of four the players involved. If we join a system of improvements -the we have only treated the objects, but it is analogous to the characters’ skills – that does not contribute to a comfortable progress and the widespread sensation that the game torpedo our progress for not being perceived with Sufficient rejugability – which is not true, because the combat core and the synergies really work – the result is a title that starts from a solid aesthetic and playable base but that does not affine the shot by disperse their efforts. And is that balancing all systems that give life to a rogueike has never been an easy task. Not even for the Conan himself, Cimmerio who knows that the best of life is to crush enemies, see them shattered and hear the lament of women from him. And plunder the gold of him.