The former world-class cyclist Tony Martin wants to help the victims of war in Ukraine and gives one of its most valuable memorabilia. The 36-year-old auctioned in these days its silver medal from the 2012 Olympics in London. About the RTL Foundation “We help children” should support the money that has suffered from Russia for more than a month.

“Every day I see the terrible pictures from Ukraine on TV, and it feels so wrong to sit on the couch and accept this situation,” Martin wrote at Instagram: “It’s not easy, me from the biggest trophy to separate my career. But given the millions of people who have lost almost everything, I really want to do it. “

He feel “deepest respect” from the people who help the vulnerable to protect: “The Ukrainian children and their families. I also want to make my small share.”

The auction is still running until the 9th of April at, on late Sunday evening the highest bid was 8600 euros. From “deep heart” he hopes, says Martin, “that people in Ukraine soon get back their peace and freedom.”

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The Cottbuser had won the silver medal during the 2012 summer games in single time. In his big career he crowned himself four times to the time-champion four times, five stages of the Tour de France he also decided for himself. Four times he was chosen to Germany’s cycling award of the year before he finished his career 2021.