In one of the first story trailers for Elden Ring, fans could marvel at the spectacular duel between the huge cycle and the fast Malenia. A modder now ensures that you can see the legendary duel in the game itself. Attention: This post contains spoilers for bosses in the game!

ELDEN RING: Fan lets bosses start at each other

The action-packed boss fights are the absolute highlights of the fromSoftware games. Elden ring is not different and in some cases even places a sher on it. Many fans are wondering who would triumph in a duel between these giants .

The Story Trailer for Elden Ring already gives the fans a view of a fight between General Radahn and Malenia, the blade of Miquella . The Youtuber Garden of Eyes brings the duel into the game. With a mod, the two fighters are facing three rounds. It can only give a winner!

Big Boss Duel: Who has the nose front?

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It is fascinating to watch how the bosses hit each other with a variety of attacks. Straight cycle is so huge that it is not so easy to look at his attacks in the regular boss fight. Radahn and Malenia are also the perfect opponent . Radahn is slow, but can spread hard and has many lifestyles. Malenia is fast, can dodge better and returns with every hits even a part of their life energy. Of course, both bosses are controlled by a AI, which is why they are not particularly talented in dodging the deadly AOE attacks of each other.