Galaxy S22 Ultra: Official Introduction Film | Samsung
Communications three started to open the Galaxy S22 dictionary from today (22nd).

SK Telecom, KT, and LG U Plus said it completed 8-day pre-reservation for the 8 days and starts the dictionary opening since this day. Official release date is 25 days. With dictionary opening, we start promotion, such as cashback, first-come-first-served rate discount, and attract attention.

First, SK Telecom provides discount promotions associated with card companies. When receiving the terminal installment and paying the assumption, it is a method of receiving discounts, or receives a charge discount on a fee automatic transfer.

If you purchase a mobile phone with a Samsung Card ‘T-Light’ card, you can get a discount of 542,000 won for 24 months, with a cash bag of 17,000 won per month for 24 months. This discount is applied to the first 2,000 seconds.

In addition, the user who purchases the mobile phone with the date of time is the Samsung Card ‘T I have a benefit’ card, and the telecommunications rate automatic transfer condition is a discount of 510,000 won for a 24-month cash bag for 24 months for 24 months. You can get it. This discount can also be received by 1,500 to 1,500 people.

KT continues to provide choice promotions that can be asked as desired, such as content, affiliate card discounts, electronics, etc. Samsung Electronics and Existing Season, Genie +, Netflix, Disney +, Hyundai Card, Body Friend Choice, and new Samsung Choice and 5G Fee Discount on our card choice.

LG U Plus is a policy to provide the online dedicated plan ‘5G · LTE Direct’, which is prepared to launch Galaxy S22, and the ‘5G LTE Direct’, which is also available.

By the end of April, the user who joined the 5G Direct 65, a ‘Netflix + YouTube Premium Pack’, which can be used at a time of Netflix and Yuwu Premium, Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Burj’s assumption, Galaxy Pack You can choose one of two species.

Meanwhile, the result of analyzing the Galaxy S22 pre-reservation was found to have more than half of the Galaxy S22 ultra reservation on the Galaxy S22 Ultra reservation. In the case of the model, the color preference for S22 and S22 + showed a choice of selecting all the colors released in S22 and S22 +, and the case of Ultra was a lot of demand for ‘phantom black’ and ‘green’ color.