Since December 17th last year Witcher fans can enjoy the second season of the Netflix series and also the latest video game offshoot of the Fantasy series from CD project Red delights like great Popularity. No wonder so that the witcher franchise is still frequently asked for cosplays.

In addition to the Geralt of Riva, which shows off and on from his female side as well as the very prominent Ciri is also the red-haired sorceress Triss Merigold a popular candidate for pretty cosplay. No wonder that Reddit user has decided Daraamberof for a transformation into the so-called “fourteenth the hill”.

Triss Merigold invites you to go home

And that succeeded by the cladding artist. Even if the photo of her does not show her whole body, the outfit of Triss Merigold is undoubtedly recognized. The red, turquoise and brown shades as well as the cut of the top and the belt double pack of the sorceress from the witcher franchise.

Daraamberof is so nice and invites you to present your cosplay to your home. As a result, however, the background remained on the track and does not really fit for a successful triss costume. The purple wall and the light switches are neither like a magic laboratory nor like a medieval room. After all, the white coat could certainly come from the home of the magic.

If the Cosplay of Daraamberof is a bit too privately privately and it is more on thematically nominous backgrounds , you should take a closer look at the two Triss Merigold Cosplays of Mercurygin and Milligan Vick.

Other cosplays from the world of video games

Complete Triss Merigold Romance: Base Game + Expansions I The Witcher 3
But of course the Witcher is not the only franchise that has a great series of characters and accordingly fantastic cosplays . We had a number of unusual candidates last with Glados from the puzzle classic portal, Nova from Starcraft and Jinx from the League of Legends series Arcane, where you even get a music video on top!

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