Any person who has played The Witcher will certainly have observed a vital symbol in the Franchise: The Geralt Medallion of Rivia and its function Wolf Form . This accessory is associated with the Lobo College , place where the sorcerer trained and also brightened all the skills of him to execute errant monsters. Taking into consideration the relevance of this object and also its link with the protagonist of the Games, lots of users have attacked them a question: What reference to the medallion of the brand-new The Witcher?

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What does this mean? Probably, as they clarify in the aforementioned setting, is that we locate ourselves prior to a totally unpublished story that expand the well-known Lore of The Witcher beyond what we understand regarding video games and books. This way, we can just make conjectures regarding what is cooked from the CD Projekt network offices until they supply a lot more information of your task.

The Polish research study is playing the enigma, as well as have actually confirmed some data around the next game of the Legend the Witcher. On the one hand, CD Projekt Network remembers that this is not a The Witcher 4, a minimum of for the time being, as well as its director ensures that there will certainly be no situations of crisis in advancement. On top of that, making use of Unreal Engine 5 has actually brought about a collaboration with Impressive Games, although they have actually already advanced that their video game will certainly not be special to this store.

There is no lynx college in the Lore of The Witcher Eurogamer has had the ability to speak with the Worldwide Interaction Supervisor of CD Projekt Red, Robert Malinowski , to confirm that the very first game poster reveals a medallion in Form of lynx . This, beyond pointing out the evident, can additionally leave all followers of the franchise, since there is no lynx college with which this icon can be associated.