Ubi Soft announced PVP Team Battle Arena New ‘Project Q’. There are still many things that have not yet been announced, but they look like a character-based game based on Cartoon Feeling graphics and various personality skills.

23 (local time), Ubi Soft opened the project Q Official site and started test pre-registration. Currently, the official site is available for the platform (Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, PC) and can only be reserved, and it can be confirmed that the game is a team battle arena and is the initial development status..

However, it is possible to guess the approximate game property through the image released in the SNS. There are three characters in the park between high-rise building forests that look like New York Central Park. A male, a woman who is sitting in a hand in a hand, a woman who is sitting in a hand in a hand, a woman who is sitting in a hand in a hand with something like a spirit, a muscular man who is jumping into a hand with a shovel. Through this, it is possible to confirm that the ability to confront a variety of abilities such as magic or science and technology in modern background.

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Such a game property is further revealed in the outflow image. According to the leakage information, the project was reported to be a small test for a few days with a game in the Ubi Soft Bordeaux studio in France. At the default 3-person point, two-person areas of the two teams are provided with two areas of the Battle Royal and the two teams of the two teams. The weapon has a unique tools, such as card decks, hammer, and paint guns, and it is known to have a technology that jumps height or fly sky.

The overall response of these gamers is as follows that ‘seem to see the 3-person overwatch’. However, considering that the proportion of the gun or launching, it is more likely to focus on the 3-person action, and 4 to 4 PVP mode, and the 4-to-4 PVP mode, etc.

Project Q is that the existence of the NVIDIA GISF NO database leakage has been revealed due to the leakage of NVIDIA. Meanwhile, considering the explanation of the ‘undergraduate F2P PVP game development of Ubi Soft Bordeaux studio site, the game is assumed that the game will be serviced in a partial fiction manner.