The German (Pen & Paper) Role-Play Vorgestein The Black Eye we certainly have to imagine a Ulisses reader – still the publisher Ulisses games in his press release proud of nearly 40 years of DSA history, over 800 books, 80+ audiobooks / Radio plays / soundtracks as well as more than 70 computer games.

The Odyssey by Homer | Audiobook with Relaxing Music

Now published the Ulisses Verlag under the name Ulisses digital its first own video name: Forgotten Fables – Wolves on the Westwind becomes a Visual Novel and should already appear for the PC (Steam) as well as IOS during this May. In the trailer you can already inspect the harmonious but also a little old-baked look as well as hear the German synchro. Do you get to the title or looks at home baking and bieder for you?

On the subject of setting and history we have the press release to say: _ “In Wolves on the Westwind, an old danger shakes the region Thorwal, which is located in the north of Aventurien. As involuntary heroes, players are catapulted directly in the conflict, must in the conflict The stormy lake and strange stunning dare and find a remedy to conquer evil and bring back peace. Players have the choice between two very different characters with their own background stories: the chunky veteran warrior Alrik or the young sorceress Nedime._

An board of the pirate ship Wolfsfiss travel the players through the northern land, forge covenants with the unusual crew or make themselves the enemy and meet on the way on numerous fantastic characters. Each decision counts and brings the players closer to the glorious victory or the destructive defeat. Any decision in Wolves on the Westwind has serious impact on the course of the journey, the characters that meet the players on their journey and how the adventure ends for them. “

WOLVES ON THE WESTWIND SHOULD LEAVE LEAVE 15 hours in a mood and want to make many role-playing elements in the Visual Novel Mechanics. In May, 17.99 euros are due on steam. For consoles the title has not been announced so far.