The last chapter of the Shadowlands campaign is finally here! We have to wait a long time, finally Steve Danuser, the Narrative Lead of Wow, announced a few weeks ago that the grand final of Shadowlands will hit us from the socks . And behold, he did not promise us too much. At least not when it comes to the story of Sylvana’s wind runners. After we defeated the Chairman and saved Azeroth, the former Bansheekönigin voluntarily returns to Oribos to step in front of the new judges.

Sylvanas Gets Banished - New WoW Leak Ends THE ENTIRE Warcraft Story
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Pelagos should speak a judgment and decide what happens next to Sylvanas. It seems strange that Pelagos should focus on their soul, as Sylvanas is technically not dead. Nevertheless, with the new judge breaks in the Shadowlands a new age . In his first speech, Pelagos announced that he is convinced that every soul, no matter how spoiled she may be a second chance deserves. This means that there will be no damn and no eternal punishment for the spoiled souls. Anyone who has guiled worse crimes during his lifetime will land in Revendrth after his death and no longer in the Schlund. Thus, this damn soul is spared the bad end.

Sylvanas also earns a second chance?

When the Banshee occurs in front of Pelagos, he explains to the audience that the flaw of the Chairman adheres to them all. Sylvanas interrupts his speech and means that she is responsible for her deeds himself. She was not the servant of the Charter Master, but his allies. He did not exercise control over her mind and body. Sylvanas explains that she is ready to wear the consequences for her deeds.

Anduin hesitates briefly as Pelagos asks the round if anyone wants to raise an objection to the verdict. However, he decides to silence. Source: Sylvanas Sylvanas’ words do not quite comply with the truth. Without your soul splitter, which you get back in the sanctum of domination, your soul was not complete. Well, this complex story with fragmented souls is much too complex to explain it reasonable to the large audience in the chamber.

Until the Chairman, no one knows anyway as exactly how the souls work. For Sylvanas, your soul splitter no longer plays role, you want to end your long martyrdom as soon as possible. Honestly, a similarly long process like Garrosh Hellschrei at the end of Mistt’s Pandaria would be terrible boring.

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