With the Season 2 of Call of Duty Warzone are apparently individual changes for the caldera map . Players had previously reported that the current Minimap indicates a building that does not exist on the real card. Raven software commented, “that that could be a sign of pending map changes.” It also seems to be planned for adjustments for Rebirth Island. How the two insider Tom Henderson and “Themw2Ghost” report in a current video, Rebirth Island could be replaced by a new card .


Themw2Ghost suspects that the developers’ plans are currently providing Rebirth Island . “I was recently set that a new map comes. It’s a new card and it appears to the warzone anniversary,” commented on the insider. Call of Duty Warzone (Buy Now 42.46 €) celebrates its second anniversary in March. Concrete details, for example for the map size and the location, are not available to the insiders. But it would also be possible that Rebirth Island remains in the game, but receives a new topic for the anniversary.

Which of the assignments finally provinces, will have to show. The developers of Raven Software has not yet communicated information about a new resurgence map. Rebirth Island comes with a lobby size of 40 players and falls larger than Caldera. The Season 2-Start of Call of Duty Warzone is announced for the 14th of February. Finally, the developers arrested to move the start of the new season to work on urgently needed updates, which they want to publish before the release of the Season 2.

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28.01.2022 at 11:48