Last month, in anticipation of PS5 games and PS4 games on PS5, Sony has published a game list whose players should expect not to work on PS5. They did their best, but there are just some games that just had to be left behind. Now that the PS5 is officially launched, we discover that there are other PS4 games to add to this list that does not work on PS5. However, we only found about six new and judging by which they are, we do not think too many players will be disappointed.

As your friend Zane, you may hear about these games for the first and last time. The games that have recently been discovered not to work are The Gardens Between, Golem, Pool Nation, Tower of Time and Link: A Postmodern RPG. Pixel bot Extreme! Followed from this list, but the Play heart Games developer has since solved the problem with their game so that all fans of Pixel bot can sigh with relief.

It seems that these games that pass between the mesh of the net tend to be smaller and less noticeable games. At this point, there will probably not have too many people upset by that. There are also many of these games on the PlayStation Store, so we could find more and more of which developers have just not made the necessary adjustments for their game to make the jump or not support the game.

Here Are The PS4 Games That Won't Work On PS5
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