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Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard: Start der Season 1 Reloaded

Amongst other points, it ought to give solutions for private efficiency issues on PlayStation and also Xbox consoles. Gamers reported to Caldera launch, inter alia, of graphics errors on PS4 and also PS5. Whether the brand-new spot also repairs the current invisibility bugs will certainly have to show. With the launch of the patch notes is expected throughout the day. In an existing blog site entrance, the developers additionally most likely to new web content that is reloaded with the Period 1 Reloaded at Telephone Call of Duty Vanguard and also War zone.

The required update for Vanguard is currently available for download, the War zone patch adheres to at the start of the Mid-Season. The patch notes for the vanguard update are already available, on the change log to the War zone patch, players still have to be person.

Crossover with Assault on Titan

To celebrate the last period of the Manga collection Strike on Titan, the programmers announce a crossover for Vanguard and War zone. The legendary titanium massacre enforcer is likewise part of this package as well as that for Vanguard unique emphasize intro 3D maneuver as well as the MVP emphasize high-cured steel.

New driver


The designers compose: The various other two weapons in this package are the weapon intends for the epic MP Historian and the Tornado Weapon Ymir’s Curse — two fantastic firearms for your equipment in War zone Pacific or in multiplayer and zombies setting of Vanguard. For Sgt. Daniel will likewise offer the operator-skin reconnaissance team.

With Isabella Rosario Duncan Reyes also comes a brand-new driver right into the ego shooter. She acts as a melee expert with phenomenal talent for a new weapon of Vanguard Collection, the designers match that Isabella as well as create can be unlocked with the wild Rose package.

New MP: The Begun

The necessary upgrade for Vanguard is currently readily available for download, the War zone patch follows at the beginning of the Mid-Period. The spot notes for the vanguard upgrade are currently available, on the change log to the War zone patch, players still have to be individual. In an existing blog entrance, the programmers also go to brand-new web content that is refilled with the Season 1 Reloaded at Call of Duty Vanguard as well as War zone.

The favored weapons of Isabella counts the hefty, fully automatic MP Begun whose underlying between the Owen MP and also the seen. The tensile buttons your optionally by means of an in game obstacle or with the bundle scheduled steel totally free, the timely with the MID Season Update appears.

To celebrate the last period of the Manga series Strike on Titan, the designers reveal a crossover for Vanguard as well as War zone.

Final Fantasy XIV sets the sale because it is easy to popular

Final Fantasy XIV (OT: Japanese, Fainer Fantasy Fortin), additionally referred to as Last Fantasy XIV online, is the second MMORPG of the last dream collection. It was created by the exact same group, which was also responsible for Final Dream XI. Final Fantasy XIV was released for Windows computer on September 30, 2010, around the world. With the extension Heavenward, the video game has likewise been published for Mac OS X, however short time later taken out due to various issues. A restored magazine happened together with the spot 3.2 The Gears of Adjustment on February 23, 2016. Support for the operation of the game on the PlayStation 3 system was finished at the start of the 2nd expansion Storybook, on June 20, 2017, completed Fantasy XIV got after his start of sharp criticism, which led to a public apology and an exchange of liable manufacturers. Square Enix introduced in October 2011 to adequately modify the game and make a relaunch under the title Final Fantasy XIV: a World Reborn; This was done worldwide on 27 August 2013 in the type of standard as well as an enthusiast’s edition. A World Reborn replaced the initial Last Fantasy XIV. The video game brought a brand-new engine, enhanced server structures, polished gameplay and a brand-new activity.
On June 23, 2015, the very first expansion Last Fantasy XIV appeared: Heavenward. On June 20, 2017, the 2nd expansion Storybook was released. On July 2, 2019, the 3rd extension Shadow bringers was published.
In a trailer program survive 6th February, the name of the expansion 6.0, end walker, introduced that need to show up in the fall of 2021. The fourth augmentation end walker appeared after a shift, on 3 December 2021.

The head of finish Fantasy XIV: End Walker has announced that you will stop all sales of full versions of the game. The reason for this is the sudden great popularity of the MMORPG, which ensures extremely long queues when logging in. Players also receive a total of 3 weeks of free playing time.

The situation shortly:

Since the summer of 2021, FFI experiences a strong increase in game numbers. By changing large WoW Content Creator such as Mongol, Preach and Cellular to FFI, MMORPG received much media attention, causing many new players and records on Steam.
But it also caused problems as the gaming servers were not designed for the set of players. Director of FFI, Naomi Yeshiva, apologized for the queues and server problems. Measures as the automatic AFK logout were introduced.
Yeshiva communicated again before the launch of the new Add-on’s End walker, that the situation has not improved. Due to the global scarcity of semiconductors, it is extremely difficult for the team to get new servers in a short time, so Yeshiva. That’s why he made a warning to the players that there will be problems for the launch of end walkers.
Since the Early Access of End Walker on 3 December, FFI is now overrun every day. Especially in the evening, queues of 3,000 to 7,000 players are formed, which only progress extremely. In addition, players are plagued by Error 2002, who throws them out and often packs again to the end of the snake.

The MMORPG is currently simply too popular and is controlled by more players than it can hold. Now the director Yeshiva has again said to the situation.

Delivery and sale of FFI are set

That says Yeshiva: In the new statement, the boss of FFI has introduced new measures that the team should act against the overcrowding of the servers. This is primarily the complete attitude of the sale of full versions of FFI.

Due to the high number of players, especially at peak times, it comes to extremely long waiting times, which exceed our server capacity regularly. For this reason, we decided to temporarily suspend the sale and delivery of the Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition and the Complete Edition. Even if players can log in with an active subscription, it is currently not possible to play players of the free trial version of playing outside the late evening / early morning hours. In order to allow you to play, the registration for new accounts of the free trial is temporarily suspended.

Yeshiva explains that this measure is progressively introduced because Square Enix must consult with its distributors.

This situation occurred several times at FFI. For the release of the reboot A Realm Reborn the sale had to be suspended for a short time because the servers were full. In addition, the digital version of FFI in the Square Enix Store was sold out in summer 2021.

3 weeks playing time as compensation

This was also said: The long queues and problems with the Error 2002 now have been holding for 2 weeks and annoying many players who do not come to play due to their work in the evening.

Therefore, all players who have an active subscription on December 21 in FFI receive 14 days free season as compensation for the inconvenience. Together with the previous compensation, the players get a total of 21 days of free playing time in the MMORPG.

What’s next?

This is the updates: Despite the server problems, the FFI team plans to maintain their schedule for publishing new updates.

On 21 December therefore the normal mode of the new RAIDS Pandemonium appears
On January 4, the epic version of the RAIDS live as well as new armor, recipes for Crater and the Fun Dungeon Exploration.

Director Yeshiva apologizes in the raiding community of FFI. For the release of each RAID animal there is also in FFI as in many other MMORPGs, a race around the first kill of all bosses.

Final Fantasy XIV Tip: Selling Your Items

This race is now negatively influenced by the server problems. There is no guarantee that all Raiders receive fair opportunities in the race, because they now depend on the length of the queues and Error 2002.

A shift of the patch would also affect the subsequent patches such as 6.1 and therefore 6.05 should continue to appear on January 4, so Yeshiva.

This is the server: Since July, the FFI developers are working on building a new data center and new worlds. But although the team invests much more money as usual, the work is delayed due to the semiconductor scarcity and the physical scarcity of the server equipment.

With the help of IT equipment from around the world, we will slowly receive information about delivery dates and numbers. In view of the high specification requirements for FFI servers and the fact that the addition of a single logical data center requires hundreds of servers, we do without exception a lot more time, but we will gradually see progress. Accordingly, the server and infrastructure teams work together to plan new additions, and we hope to be able to submit a kind of roadmap by the end of January 2022.

The plan is to add new servers in each region and especially in Europe and North America. But it is currently not clear whether the gradual or in a large update is performed.

As soon as there are news, there will be another statement of Yeshiva.

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