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Turkics Interim coach Alter Hayabusa exchanged its left side opposite the 0-0 at Viktoria Berlin: for Turpin and Rolling, Frenzy and Scenario started. Kaiserslautern’s coach Marco Antwerp, who was represented on the Bank of Frank Copper due to a yellow-barrier, also took two changes compared to the 4-0 against Viktoria Cologne: Chad and Kodiak replaced Teacher and Hindenburg.

With slight snowfall in the deserted Munich Olympic Stadium, the Palatine caught a flash start. After five minutes Handle headed after a cross from Zuck to the CFC guidance, 120 seconds later increased CFTC favored by a goalkeeper from luckier to 2: 0. The Carpenter of the homeowners slipped the Schooner through his fingers, the horror start for Turkey cu was perfect.

only sliskovic punished negligent louder

Turkic had to shake myself after the double strike first, Kaiserslautern switched back two gears. Towards the end of the first pass, the householders took the game control, but came only with inaccurate flanks in the penalty area of ​​the Palatine.

Even after restart, the Munich playing game, for which she finally rewarded after 55 minutes: Sliskovic had to press a cross-pass from Freeze after a beautiful counterpart. Thus, Kaiserslautern was punished for negligence, as a result, the Palmer acted more consistent again.

Madras to the post

Turkic came in the rest of the second round only by Madras to a good chance, but the end of the captain was only on the left outside posts. Since the substitute Hugh on the other side could also be the decision, it remained 2-1 for the FCC.

Turkic, which continues to be deep in the relegation fight, receives the Sc Very. Kaiserslautern also shortens the residue up and is required on Sunday at the same time in Braunschweig.