The Nixon Co., Ltd. (Japanese: 株式会社ネクソン, Hepburn: Kabuki geisha Nelson, Korean: 주식회사 넥슨; RR: Jusikhoesa Nelsen) is a Japanese– South Oriental computer game publisher that specializes in on the internet games for PC and also mobile. It maintains over 80 titles. NFC has holding firm with situated in EU, South Korea. Nixon was established in Seoul, South Korea in 1994 by Kim Jungle and Jake Track. In 2005, the company relocated its head office to Tokyo, Japan. As of March 2020, it is the biggest video game firm in South Korea and the third-largest game business in Asia outside Japan in regard to earnings and market capitalization, after China’s Tencent and Release, ahead of South Korea’s Net marble, 37 Entertainment, as well as NCS oft.

Nixon updated the ‘Rank 2021 Special Season: Tandems Match’ on the 30th online FPS game ‘Sudden Attack’.

The special season, which runs on January 6, consists of two kinds of seamless match maps, such as ‘Warehouse’, Folk Village, and Third Base Writing, and Dragon Road, etc. Bombing Mission Map. 5 vs 5 matching with solo and party charging.

Commemorating a special season update, NA-94 (MG) Nike (7 days) ‘,’ SG-12 (MG) Nike (7 days)) ‘,’ TRG21 (MG) Nike (7 days), ‘Art tan Fireworks Via (7 days), and K / D / A Initialization,’ Burning Booster 500% (7 days) ‘, adds more than 200,000 integrated experience.

In addition, the new character of the concept of Lee Sun Bin, Han UNRWA, and Along Fungi, who are attracting attention as an attractive character in the TV topic drama ‘Drinker City Women’, These permanent characters provide jump sound silence functions, and have two character set effects and emotional expressions.

If you collect more than 300 days of these characters by January 13, you will be paid for permanent options, and the Sudden Suddenly acquired 30 per set of perpendicular and the mouse pads to acquire all three sets of permanent One Sudden Kicker will win 15 mouse pads, the number of Polaroids, and one of the bodies. As the entry of the enrollment from the multi-count, it is possible to exchange and win the ‘Sniper period extension permanent’, ‘KNIFE (MG) SWEET permanent,’ M4A1 (MG) SWEET permanent, ‘M4A1 (MG) SWEET permanent.

We carry out the new year’s event until January 13th. If you have completed a specific mission, you will be able to obtain a drawing opportunity to acquire a lot of popular skin such as translucent, goblins, and trees up to 100 days. When you get the opportunity to draw 30 times, you will be added to the ‘Permanent MAGA (2)’, ‘Pass Ticket (20)’, and 30,000 integrated experience.

SuddenAttack Sea Ivanovich Vs NAGA [Lose Match] 1/2
Then, until January 6, the second chat audit event is held. If you enter a specific phrase associated with the New Year, you will present ‘Jewelry Multi Count’, ‘Winter Girl Multi Count’, and a permanent seal.

More details on ‘Rank 2021 Special Season: Tames Match’ can be found on the official homepage of the Sudden Attack.