It took a long time, but in the next week it is finally time. With Elden Ring, one of the following titles of the year 2022 appears on the hotest. The action role-playing game from Fromsoftware offers unlike its indirect predecessors of the Dark Souls series an open game world, in which numerous tasks and dangers are waiting for you.

But Elden Ring also takes over numerous elements of the previous Souls games, including the class system. Initially, you create a character and can then assign a specific class to this. Which classes there are, we reveal you in our guide:

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10 classes, but which do you choose?

You have already decided? Very good, because in our survey we want to know from you, with what class you pull into the fight in Elden Ring. Make and right away!

Of course, in the comments, you may also like to explain your decision closer. Why did you choose a particular class? And what does the fascination of determining classes make for you? Let’s take a comment and discuss a comment. We are looking forward to your contributions and thank you now for your participation!