On Steam, a new online co-op game is about the favorite and reminiscent of the Roguelite-hit Hades in his gameplay. What the fast pixelgame makes everything and why players celebrate it so, let’s take a closer look at it.

Ember Knights is beating in the Steam Topseller

On April 20, the new Action Game Ember Knights started in the early access and has already fought itself under the front seats of Steam Charts . In the rapid pixel game, you have to slip into the role of a legendary knight to defeat the evil power of adversary practice. (Source: Steam)

In the Roguelite you are best in the coop of up to four players and moves into the battle with different weapons and skills. If you want to check out the river and action-packed gameplay yourself, you can choose this trailer :

In Ember Knights you have to fight through hordes of various opponents and even challenging boss fights exist. Fits your Knight your play style and builds in your runs on differently caught characters.

Whether as a damage-resistant sword fighter or poison dispersing archer – many kombis are possible. In the end, rare loot beckons and you can further expand your knight.

Players compare it with Hades

Currently, Ember Knights has narrow 195 reviews on Steam, but are 91 percent positive . The players are in one thing: It makes a lot of fun . The fast struggles and dynamics are particularly praised. Even the optical style pleases the playing.

From gameplay and construction it compare some with Hades , which belongs to the absolute sensations in the Roguelite genre. The difficulty of Ember Knights is very demanding, but not unfair.

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Previous weaknesses are disturbing bugs , which affect performance or various skills in the game. In addition, the scope of the game is still manageable due to the Early Access. But the developers Doom Turtle already provide a bulging roadmap for the next few months.

It wave new weapons, skills, a fresh world and massive variety of opponents, including new bosses. In one year, Ember Knights is expected to leave the Early Access phase.

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