Hertha Ready to Roll - Hertha BSC Berlin - Behind The Scenes
Hertha BSC is in the football Bundesliga in Argen’s descent, with only two points from seven play the worst Round Team. Nevertheless, head coach Tayfun Korkut has continued to be convinced of it soon to get the turning into the relegation battle.

Most recently, the Berliners were already passed on to the relation rank, get to do with Eintracht Frankfurt in the home game with Eintracht Frankfurt (Saturday from 15:30 clock).

Hertha-Coach Korkut has announced a turnaround for the last ten games this season: “We now have ten games, in which we will continue to stay on, continue to defy all resistances and therefore bring the points we need,” promised the Berliner talking to the “Round Team Image”.

The 47-year-old does not have any doubts about the direct league: “We will be over the stroke at the end!”

A concrete plan, which has to improve the most urgent in the game of Hertha, Corkut has already prepared for the coming encounters: “We have to make the simple things exceptionally well. I put on clarity and directness in the address. Content is for me More important than volume. “

Corkut does not raise a doubt on the leaflet of Hertha BSC

The head coach of the capital club also emphasized to recognize a “big cohesion” in the team, as well as a high quality of his players in the training day. “I feel that there is no dumping and miserable,” cork added.

Most recently, Hertha BSC was besides the bad performances on the lawn with great personnel adversities and to complain about the league game against RB Leipzig eight Corona failures.

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Nevertheless, Korkut underlined: “We stay positive and still need to create a stable construct to defy the adversities.” He does not see the precarious situation at Hertha BSC as a crisis, but as a challenge and showed themselves from the success of the company class content totally convinced: “You can not achieve anything if you stay only in his comfort z1. This situation is for us all a chance “