The strange new publication seems to be something extra.

The The devil could be deepen series returned early 2019 with a roar. The return Devil May Cry 5 has led to a strong critical and financial success and helped to develop the brand to one of the upper levels of CAP COM. The series also finds its way to a Nintendo system for the first time, as the original trilogy is released again. And it seems that you want to have the third game something special.

Although the games have already been published in an HD collection, they were published individually on the switch. While the first two games were copied directly from the aforementioned collection, it seems that the third game has a slightly more offering to producer Matt Walkers official Twitter.

In view of how much the last two new publications of the first and second plays are, it is somewhat surprising. Walker also teases three data for more information (January 13, January 30th and 13th February). Devil May Cry Special Edition HD will be released on Nintendo Switch on February 20th.

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