Clone Drone in the Danger Area is a beat ’em up video clip game created as well as published by Dobro Gaming. It was at first offered as a very early accessibility game on Vapor in 2017, as well as was launched on the Nintendo Switch Over, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and also Vapor on July 27, 2021.
In the video game, the player’s mind has been transferred into a robot gladiator. Playing as a robot, the player must combat versus floors of adversaries by utilizing tools or the surrounding environment. The playable area is constructed like a Colosseum, with comparable robotic NPCs in the stands of the arena. After each degree, the gamer can update themselves or get brand-new capacities such as duplicates, new weapons, or lower cooldowns. The game has 4 modes: tale mode, countless mode, obstacles, as well as Shiver setting.

Atlas has released 26 types of articles added to the Nintendo ICH Version 13 Mental Defense Zone.

This work is an SF group show that a magnificent story is spun to a hero of different living 13 boys and girls. When it is released for PS4 in 2019, it develops 500,000 in the world. The popularity was high, and temporarily, apology was announced about the package version of the package version from Atlas.

The Nintendo switch to be released is basically the same content as the PS4 version, but two types of soldiers that can be used in the battle part collapse edition as a bonus element, and a total of 26 types. This time, an overview of the additional weapons has been released. The contents are as stated below.

【十 十】

Arm Piercing Cannon

Having a penetration of a penetrating force Armor is an attack that ignores armor to a presidential range.

High-power plasma arc cracker

In the wounder, the armor is ignored to one ground monster, giving large damage that ignores armor and dull movement.

[Yakima Temple]

High-pars laser

Hold the beam ahead of the front and give damage that ignores armor.

Multi-lock missile

Give the missile to the specified range that ignores armor. The monster dulls the movement.

Hurricane rush

A fast with a high-speed work with the Dallas. Attack multiple times to surrounding monsters.

Follow-up missile whole bullet launch

Leave many missiles to the ground monster within the specified range.

[Women Hider]

Equipment rocket gun

Shoot many rockets in the distant specified range.

Plymouth Masher

Project the plasma and damage the armor and dull the movement.

[Mira Yataro]

E. M. P. Long distance missile

Leave missiles that generate electromagnetic pulses for distant specifications. Flight monsters fall.

Wide range bombing

I will spend a bombing towards a presidential range and attack the monster.

[South Datsun]

High precision machine cannon

A fire is fired for a narrow range ahead and damaging the armor.

Wide Rail gun

An ultra-high-speed mass bullet with the force of electromagnetic induction is attacked and attacking the monsters.

Point lock missile

Another missile attacks a monster within the specified range. The monster dulls the movement.

Reinforcement Generator

Attacks’ consumption EP, POW, and range goes up.

Quad reg spike

Legs the spikes of the legs are continuously launched. The monster is overheated.

Active cooler

Reduce the time required for the specified range by 50%.

Air Demolish Blade

Cutting the front flight monster with a single arm rock machine and gives great damage that ignores armor.

Enhancement Actuator

Moving before attacking in the military is 1.3 times.

[Sashimi Vicarage]

Ultra-length distance missile

Many long range missiles will be attacked for distant specifications and attacking monsters.

High-performance charger (common to Data)

Reduces the time it takes to repair at the time of protection and increases the amount of EP recovery.

【緒 稔】

High-performance charger (common to Vicarage)

Reduces the time it takes to repair at the time of protection and increases the amount of EP recovery.

Wide range control rocket

Shoot many rockets to the ground monster within the specified range. The monster dulls the movement.


Hacking missile

Shoot missiles that take up the AI ​​to the specified range monster.

Silver Random Shoot

A lot of rocket bullets will be randomly shot around and giving damage that ignores armor.

E.M. P. Spike

Legs the spikes of the legs. The surrounding flight monster falls.

Teleport field

Move allies in the specified range instantaneously to your own.

The Nintendo Switch Version Thirteen Mental Defense Area will be released on April 14, 2012 (tax included).