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Author: maxGamer

Xbox Series X users prepare to say goodbye to practical feature

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One are apparently losing a very useful feature. According to emerging reports, an internal Xbox internal update eliminated an Xbox function without explanation or warning, which may suggest that it is an error or unwanted change. Whatever the case, the Xbox fans are not very happy, since it becomes more tedious to share game clips directly from the console.

On Twitter, the Windows Journalist, Jez Corden, transmitted the news that, from the new Xbox Insider update, the function to share Xbox Game Clips is eliminated directly on Twitter. «I guess this confirms it. Sharing Xbox Game Clips directly on Twitter is dead, “says Corden Tweet. «Update today add some ‘icons’ to the option to share mobile, with the EPIC function for… Send a notification to your ph1. Weak. Nintendo Switch (and I think PlayStation?) Share directly. It is not a big problem, but irritating. Add additional steps without any reason. A function that we have had for years was eliminated for years without any reason “.

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Of course, given the negative comments that this change is generating, this may be reversed before it reaches the wider Xbox user base. It would not be the first time that an Xbox Insiders update makes a change only so that change will be reversed after the fans’s comments.

At the time of publication, Xbox has not offered information about what is happening. Not only has not any reason or explanation have not been provided, but there have been no comments about the violent reaction, which leaves Xbox fans in the dark about whether this change is an error or if it is going to be removed in the future. That said, if this changes, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

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