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People who do not see Netflix

“Mets have lost $ 12 per month per net flicker user (about 12,000 won).”

Dr. Roslin Laton Denmark Oro Borvement said in the 23rd, the SK Broadband, the ‘domestic and foreign networking area of ​​the domestic and foreign networks.

Dr. Laton said, ‘SK Broadband and Netflix Liganto Litigation University’ s lawsuit is attracting attention in the world, and Global Content Providers (CP) says the criticism of the world is increasing in the world of ‘Mang’an Municipal’ (CP) Netflix.

■ “SKB and Netflix are not applying Billo Application”

How To | Hide Titles from Viewing History | Netflix

Dr. Latton was refuted to ‘Bill’ (Bill And Keep), who had been in the appeal of SK Broadband. Bill ancess is a policy to exempt the mutual settlement if the two companies provide their equivalent value or expensive.

Netflix is ​​a claim that there is a plenty of traffic reduced by its ‘Open Connect Appliance’ (OCA).

For this, Dr. Laton said, “There is a conventional constrainment of conventional conditions in which Bill Anp is typically used.” I said. In other words, it is a claim that the SK Broadband does not apply to that regulations that do not accept Netflix’s Bill &.

He also said Netflix said Bill Anne could not apply because they do not provide equivalent value to SK Broadband.

“Netflix transfers a large amount of traffic through a network of traffic, but the SK Broadband does not send the same amount of traffic to Netflix. So the SK Broadband and Netflix insisted that it is not appropriate to provide equivalent value.

■ OCA, NetFlix only available

Dr. Latton was afraid that Netflix’s OCA could rather reverse.

“OCA operations have significant energy, maintenance, and manpower costs,” said OCA, “said Internet operators per $ 1 (approximately 1,200 won), Approximately 586 won) said, “he said.

He said, “In the end, network operators were reported to have a $ 12 per month per net flux user (about 12,000 won).”

“It is also a competitive inhibition element compared to other content operators that” Netflix installs its OCA. “

“The OCA, which Netflix is ​​installed, can only be used for Netflix’s content. Other content operators can not access such things in the network of the network operator.”

■ “Dual department or claim for the duplex market”

Dr. Latton is already paying for money because the users already pay the fee, so the money of the Netflix, which corresponds to the CP, is also said.

“The Internet industry is applied, such as a newspaper, a newspaper, and a card,” The “In case of a newspaper, there is a advertiser who pays advertising on one side, and there are subscribers who pay a subscription fee on one side. SK Broadband The operator shall correspond to the intermediate operators such as newspapers. “

“The newspaper, said,” he said, “he / she will provide different services to advertisements and subscribers.”

On the case of Netflix, the Internet users who have not signed up as they have to pay cost burdens are also emphasized.

“The Internet subscribers in Korea are about 23 million, but Netflix subscribers are only 5 million.” I said.

Dr. Latton also refuted Netflix ‘Network Neutrality’ claims.

Dr. Laton said, “The Netflix’s claim that Netflix, which means that network neutrality means for free traffic transmission,” Interconnection is an exception in network neutral rule. In 2017, “I said,” he said. He said, “Explicit network neutrality method of the European Union is about the act of prohibiting the traffic to block or restrict traffic.”

Disney will create his own metaverse; This is the new technology that hmetaverse patented

The advance of technology is unstoppable, and it is most likely that in complete 2022 you have actually read the word met averse in a few other celebrations. Big companies are checking out exactly how to create tmetaverseks with this new method of appreciating electronic recreation, and Disney hmetaverse been the lmetaverset to enroll in the event; It currently functions at Produce your very own met averse for your thematic parks.

Bmetaverseed on the info of the Watch Information, the Patent and also Service mark Office approved on 28 December an application by the firm, and also its attributes might not be a lot more enthusimetaversetic: it metaversesures to supply us the possibility of entering ourselves in a Digital world without the demand to utilize virtual truth devices or augmented truth metaverse safety helmets, viewers, glmetaverseses or comparable.

Just how does this modern technology work?

The Metaverse and How We'll Build It Together -- Connect 2021
In the Windows registry it autofed metaverse a virtual world simulator designed to generate an environment in three dimensions Realistic and especially immersive. The system uses various projectors that run at a high FPS rate (frames per secondly). It is bmetaverseed on Bang modern technology that make use of some makers to be able to orient themselves in aremetaverse that do not understand, efficient in taping each movement metaverse well metaverse saving it in memory.

Pokémon likewise thinks of the met averse

Lmetaverset November we inform you that Ni antic (Pokémon GO), Encompmetaverseses and also Pinyin Blossom have actually gotten a financial investment of even more than 9,000 million dollars, created to create their very own met averse in the real world. We are developing a future in which the actual globe overlapping digital creations, home entertainment and also information, making it much more wonderful, enjoyable and useful, discussed from Ni antic.

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Presently, we will have to wait to read more about the ambitious metaverse well metaverse brand-new Disney job.

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