Cat Cafe Manager is a cute and charming simulator who will give you entertainment hours. But, starting to work, naturally feel depressed. Check out these tips to help you stand out on your feet and expand your feline cafe empire.

Cat Cafe Manager Tips for Beginners

  1. Diverse purchases and improvements, and everything else in the game. Do not focus too on the same area, as this may lead to the fact that you will not be able to meet the needs of all your customers and cats. Make sure you have various ingredients, cats, staff and you choose a lot of different ways in the temple.
  2. When you first start playing, focus primarily on getting more slots for chairs and staff. It will simplify the modernization of your cat café. The presence of more places for chairs means that you can serve more customers, and the presence of more personnel means that customers are serviced faster (and the cafe is managed and removed). With a large number of personnel, you will also have more time to engage in such matters like embarrassing animals.
  3. When you have the opportunity, teach cats and staff to various skills and specialties. You do not want all your cats to handle the vagabonds. Similarly, you do not want all your staff well only for cats. Increase the level of each of these areas evenly in the game.

  1. Wisely choose the initial trace, depending on how you will be. For example, if you want to focus on starting new cats, adopt them, etc., then it is better to choose a “soft” line.
  2. Give preference to regular visitors when they enter your cafe cat, as they will reward you more. Try to accept their orders, communicate with them and serve them in front of random customers. Your regulars are the characters with whom you can communicate, for example, Charles Lall, Witch.


Cat Cafe Manager Gameplay! | Let's Play: Cat Cafe Manager | Ep 1
Playing in Cate Cafe Manager, take time to make sure that you evenly distribute your skills and attention on the game. Do not upgrade, do not buy and do not advertise too much in one area. Watch out for your handbooks at the end of the day to find areas in which you need to improve. Try to start the game, expanding places for chairs for customers and hiring more staff to alleviate your burden.

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