The collection second job is thought about to consist of a new device carefully, as well as the Internet café run by the gamer for debt repayment is thrown right into a bomb from a troublemaker and gang.

Beklenilen Oyun! Internet Cafe Simulator 2 #1

Internet Café Simulator 2 is additionally readily available to Japanese and is supplied at vapor for Windows (1,742 yen until January 15).

Cheesecake Dev has released Internet Café Management Simulator Internet Café Simulator 2 for Windows.

This work changes the ruins to the Internet café, as well as the simulator runs. The Internet Café Simulator, which is the previous work of the October 2019, has a distinct beauty in spite of roughing, as well as at the time of the article writing, the assessment on Heavy steam is rather excellent.

It seems that you can prepare equipment and dishes and also purchase game licenses and also delight customers, yet additionally to be able to entail unlawful companies, not only the better administration.