To complete the foliary of the adventure seeker, you must find a collective object called the “Secret Book” in the “Lost Ark”. Do not confuse it with the “Custom Book of the Vadda”, which is a quest. The secret book can be found on the Continent Shushir (or elsewhere if you have already visited Shushir).

Where is the secret book in Shushire?

We recommend looking for this item collectible to see the kid, dungeon in the area of ​​Lake Eternity. You will need to unlock this dungeon by passing the main story.

We found a secret book in the dungeon after the victory over the vouse and his monster. The secret book has the names of the people who need the money to the goal, so it is quite easy to assume that you will find them in his dungeon.

Take it to a secluded safe place before adding to your collection “Lost Ark”. * The best place is * Riensen village Since he has no enemies and he is the main village for Shushir. This is not the most luxurious city, but the most thriving in Shushire.

Engravings Explained | Lost Ark

Open your inventory by clicking on I key, then right-click on Secret book . The folyan adventurist will inform you when secret book The collection is added.

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