Cookies “Lunar Rabbit” is an epic protective cookie, the design of which resembles sweet rice cakes. She is happy, fluffy and excellent healer, despite the fact that she is a cookie protection. She especially shines on the PVP arena, where opponents have almost no chance against her healing OP.

Lunar rabbit cookie skill and gameplay

Giant rabbit from rice cake: Turning into a giant rabbit from rice cake, the liver Lunar rabbit jumps up and down, causing damage to all enemies. The enemies affected by this skill will be marked by the healing rice pie, and when the marked enemies are defeated, the healing pie will restore HP all allies. The amount of healing will depend on the target. While the liver of the lunar rabbit uses his skill, it will be more resistant to interrupt effects.

Skills Specifications:

  • Recharge: 14 seconds

  • Damage from one strike: 127.9% (+ 1.7% per level)
  • Self-healing: 160 percent of attack
  • Healing Cake: Heals all allies if the goal is defeated for 10 seconds.
  • Healing (cookies): 253 percent from ATK
  • Healing (without cookie files): 24.2% of ATK.

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Despite the fact that it is a protective cookie, a set of lunar rabbit focuses on being a healer who scales from ATK. This makes it creating a little difficult, as you need to find a balance between ATC, resistance to damage and reducing the recovery time. Although the liver of the lunar rabbit can be used in any game mode, it is especially good in the arena, because the battles are usually short, and its healing depends on the victory over the enemies during the 10-second window.

Best Assembling Cookie “Lunar Rabbit”

There are many ways to collect the liver of the lunar rabbit because of the uniqueness of its set. Everything comes down to personal preferences and what is best suited for the composition of your team.

  • Full assembly Solid Almond is a safe choice to help the cookie of the lunar rabbit survive on the front line, as the team survival is most likely to depend on it. Make an ATK bonus statistics when you choose this build.
  • Full assembly Searing Raspberries is an excellent choice if you want to benefit from healing a moon rabbit cookie, which depends on ATC. However, this assembly is a bit difficult, since you lose survival without Solid Almonds. Select additional DMG resistance settings to help the lunar rabbit survive.
  • Hard almonds and burning raspberries – a compromise between them would be the use of two solid almonds and three igniting Malin or vice versa. This is an excellent choice if you have any problems with obtaining decent bonus statistics.

For treasures, be sure to use soft jelly watches to reduce recharge, as well as options for increasing ATK to further improve the healing of the moon rabbit cookie. In the arena, you can also use the shining feather of the sugar swan to revive the fallen cookie.

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