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Real-time RPG support Korean dubbing also? Arrangement: Endfield

‘Myeongryil Arrangement’ comes to 3D real-time strategy RPG.

Hypergly has opened the global official homepage of today (18th), the “Arrangement Arrangement: Endfield”, which is being developed, and released the CG trailer and gameplay image. ‘End field’ is a new work based on mobile strategy Defense RPG ‘s argument’, and the development news is the first work that the development news is first announced on the 16th.

In this work, the user appears as a manager who is a “endfield industry”, not Rhodes Island. The detailed setting of the endfield industry was not disclosed, and only the mission of the ‘Protocol Restoration Department’ in which major characters belonging to the core department and the main figures. The Protocol Restoration Department has recovered and restored lost protocol technology, restoring the ruins and ruins of the old town, and restored the ruins and restoring the technology, and in the department of the question of the question, The interrupted state.

However, when the multiple forces of Talos 2 began to explore their ruins, the Protocol Restoration Department is based on the teleport technology developed by the Director Pelica’s Command and Engineering Center, It is the main contents.

Through the game play video, the “Endfield” was found to be developed as a 3D RPG, not a defense RPG, unlike a disappearing ark. In the image, the user is described in the presence of managing the crew, similar to the doctor of the framework, and can be seen as a member of the wrist, and the team can be achieved by the team on the team, or manage the equipment and item window.

After the crew dispatch, the user was disclosed by the user to manipulate the field directly with the crew. In the scene, the user was confirmed that the remaining colleagues that do not manipulate two members, similar to another new ‘X Astris’ of hyper grains, and the remaining colleagues that do not manipulate the user. The correlation of the background of the background of Talas 2 planets and the background of the travere, but it was not accurately referred to, but it is not accurately mentioned, but it is possible to identify some opinions in the places where the organium presumed to the ground is located in the place.

It is also estimated that it is estimated to have a more freely jump or explore the fields, such as jumping into the wilderness, and the cranes and containerboxes in the construction site, such as jumping into the construction site. In the last oasis, it is terminated while showing a living body similar to the magnetimate of the previous work, and the combat scene was not disclosed in this trailer. It is under development as a 3D real-time strategy RPG, which is revealed through the YouTube explanation, and it is assumed to be a different combat method as emphasized that it is ‘real-time’, unlike the ‘X-astris’, which is Arrangementtor after the Incount Turnje.

Meanwhile, unlike the previous work after initiation of the service of the CG image, which has shown the appearance of the CG image, which shows the appearance of the worldview and the appearance of the CG image, it is expected to support Korean voice from the beginning.

How To Make RPG Combat More Interesting

Arrangement: The platform of the end field has not yet been confirmed, and detailed information about the game has since been able to check through the official website and the official café.

God of War: How to open the Ruan chest of VEITHURGARD NORNIR

There are a number of special chests distributed by all the kingdoms that can only be opened by solving riddles or breaking hidden stamps. If you have trouble opening this specific, we have all the details you need. Here is How to open the RUNAS VEITHURGARD NORNIR COFRE in God of War .


Veithurgard is an area that can be accessed quite early in the game. As soon as the world snake emerges from the Nine lake and lower the water level for the first time, Veithurgard will be accessible. It is located near Stone Falls, behind the large metal doors that can be opened by turning a wheel mechanism on the nearby beach.

To open the Nornir Runes Chest in Veithurgard, you must find three hidden stamps and destroy them. To save you some problems wandering in a hiding game, we have the three Runic Stamp locations here.

A runic seal is visible on the opposite side of the cliff that is right behind Nornir’s chest. It is right next to a fallen trunk that looks like an elevated step.

You can find another runic stamp in the round clearing full of enemies at the lower level below the area where the Nornir Chest is located. This is difficult to see, since it is hidden behind the stone structures surrounding the clearing. This is where to look:

The Final Runa seal is on the other side of the door that is next to the Nornir chest. To get to him, he must explore Veithurgard and reach the other side of the door, since he only opens from the side where Rine seal is.

Once you have destroyed all the runic stamps, you continue and claim a horn of blood hydromel from the chest next to the door now open.

That’s all you need to know about How to open the RUNAS COFRE VEITHURGARD NORNIR at GOD OF WAR . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful information about the game.

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