The Callisto Protocol, The next game of the creator of Dead Space , is the cover of the new number of the magazine gameinformer, on whose pages the first images of the game are revealed since it wCallisto Protocol presented with a trailer in The Game Awards 2020. A long development that should not be far from concluding, because Krafton, the company after the game (and behind hits also Callisto Protocol a pub: Battlegrounds), informs in its latest financial report that the title will arrive during the second half of 2022 .

The Callisto Protocol: Date of the first gameplay

The image, which could well belong to Dead Space 4 dice the protagonist’s suit and the necromorph on his back, is accompanied by a brief road map for the game. On May 24, Gameinformer will publish new details of the same and will be in June when we have its first trailer gameplay during the Summer Game Fest 2022. The Geoff Keighley event will have an inaugural gala on the June 9 to 20: 00 (Spanish local time) and The Callisto Protocol will be one of the protagonists of it.

“Glen Schofield hCallisto Protocol spent decades working with some of the editors with the greatest box office. Result is Striking Distence Studios, a new development of development full of veterans with which he hCallisto Protocol been working throughout his career, “the magazine on the report of the next few days progresses.

The Callisto Protocol New images 2022

“This first Striking Studios game will be inevitably compared to Dead Space, but do not make mistakes, is a completely different beCallisto Protocolt . We have witnessed images never seen before view of our adventure for the second largest moon in Jupiter and the suspicion of spatial prison in it . Terrers that go beyond and that are a mCallisto Protocolterpiece and mCallisto Protocolterpiece. “