The sci-fi horror game The Callisto Protocol developed by striking distance is intended to serve as the spiritual successor of the Dead Space series developed by Visceral Games. Unsurprisingly, considering that some of the developers at that time have currently opened their tents on striking distance.

Unfortunately, there has been hardly any news about the horror title lately, which may have been found on the Merklisten of numerous horror fans since its announcement at the end of 2020.

Now studio founder Glen Schofield spoke up on Twitter and addressed the lighting of The Callisto Protocol, a significant element of every good horror experience.

The responsible development team including Art Director Demetrius Leal and Lighting Director Atsushi SEO received separate praise, which according to Schofield particularly contributes to the fact that The Callisto Protocol becomes a “scary, coherent, creepy and unpleasant” experience.

Furthermore, the studio founder promised more information about the game shortly. He could possibly allude to a possible appearance during the Summer Game Festival, which started on June 9.

【DEAD SPACE ВЕРНУЛСЯ!】► Глен Скофилд и его CALLISTO Protocol

The Callisto Protocol is currently in development for Xbox Series X | s, PlayStation 5 and PC.