Darth Malgus is looking, and it lies on the members of the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic to hold the dark lord from tearing the power of the old Sith in itself and thus plunge the complete galaxy into the chaos. Malgus would certainly like that. Not you. And that’s why you’ve now in the new SWTOR enlargement Legacy of the Sith the chance to make him a fat stroke through the bill. Want to mean:

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Legacy of the Sith has appeared and nobody can stop you from storming today, on 15 February 2022 from 19:00 clock on the servers. Well, if the servers just join in ^ Namely they do not correct how the developers of Bioware proclaim: ten minutes before the maintenance for Update 7.0 should be completed, the maintenance work for SWTOR for indefinite time were extended. Bummer. Honestly, the SWTOR fans also did not expect anything else.

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Nevertheless, to celebrate the day and also to celebrate the 10th SWTOR’s anniversary, there’s a brand new launch trailer named “Disorder” you can watch! Granting, captivating… That’s the power to go on more! If you want an adventure in a far, far away galaxy, we wish you great fun!

???? NEW STORY | SWTOR Central #LIVE Legacy of the Sith

Legacy of the Sith in a Nutshell

The new story of the SWTOR enlargement will guide you not only on the planet Manaan and ELOM and let you play until level 80. Legacy of the Sith also allows you something so far unique in the story of Star Wars: The Old Republic. You can solve the class story of your fighting style, which in turn means that you play the extended classes with your hero, which belong to your Grandcarriage Still; So either tech or power.

Means that you can play with the smugglers, for example, revolverheld and rogue, front fighter and commando soldier, because these are the advanced classes of smugglers and trollers. But as Tech users, however, you can not use power skills (the other way around it is the same), so much freedom will give you the people of Bioware then.

If your character is removed by its decisions from the attitude of its grouping and following the path of the dark or bright side, in addition to his own fighting styles, he can sometimes select the combat styles of the other grouping. Cool! This definitely ensures more class variety in SWTOR (Buy Now)! Do you like to try it out? Then maybe you want to snatch a Digital Collector’s Edition to legacy of the Sith !

Patch Notes to SWTOR Game Update 7.0

Here is an overview of the highlights of the update to the SWTOR has now been expanded. An overview of the complete patch notes can you get on the official website to Star Wars: The Old Republic !

  • NEW STORY – LEGACY OF THE SITH \ – This new extension kidnaps playing in search of Darth Malgus in the darkest and outest angles of the galaxy.
  • New Planet – Manaan \ – The Sith Empire has occupied Manaan to get the Kolto deposits there, as this important drug is urgently needed by all warpies.
  • New FlashPoint – ELOM \ – explores the destroyed Sith fortress on the planet ELOM, which was strangely reduced from all recordings.
  • Galactic Saisons 2 \ – Start of the second galactic season – shadow of the underworld! Receives new and exciting rewards by completing your seasonal goals.
  • Higher level upper limit \ – The step upper limit was subscribed to Legacy of the Sith for all subscribers: inside to 80.
  • Combat styles \ – More options for each for the individualization of the gameplay. More information can be found here.
  • Improved gaming experience \ – New character creation as well as a new look of the character menu and the inventory.
  • Configurations \ – Creates preferences for the management of your equipment, your weapons, your skills and your quick strips.
  • Legendary objects \ – replace these new items SetBoni to allow a more comprehensive individualization of the obtained bonuses. Further information is available here.
  • PVP season 14 \ – Ranklist PVP season 14 is over. New rewards are at Giradda to find the hat on the fleet, and players receive rewards based on their highest ranking rank, when season 15 starts in the course of this year! Further information about the rewards in PVP season 14 can be found here.
  • 10. Anniversary – On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of The Old Republic, the “Anniversary Personal” dealer is available by January 2023. The inventory has been updated and now contains new rewards and the decorations of the Best View Competition ‘Best View in SWTOR’.

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