Huch, just so strictly confidential information of the WOW developers landed directly in the official forum. The secret document shows the first version (Build 202241) from Patch 9.4 for World of Warcraft. As it looks like Patch 9.2.5 is not yet concluded and players may look forward to a further April folder, eh, content patch, which, among other things, a new raid, another dungeon and possibly the often discussed Tinker class into Game brings. Although we are not sure what the addition “Leaker” has to look for the class name.

In addition to a lot of class changes, players have the opportunity to choose new professions like the disc Jockey or the Beekeeper . Players in the Classic Season of Mastery expects a new Season of Intermittent Fasting , where all coaches are removed. With the update it will also be forbidden “Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker” Whenever Someone Said “Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker” or similar variants in the chat to spam whenever someone mentions Thunderfury.

WoW Patch 9.4 – Beyond the End of Infinity: The Final Everything Starting Forever

Overcoming The Challenges Of The Shadowlands Has Opened At Infinite Number Of Pathways to At Infinite Number of Worlds Like Azeroth, And It’s Up To You to Figure Out Which Exact World Has The Most Rapidly Spawning Herbs and Start Deforesting It! Maybe You’re Into Mythic + Dungeons. One of Thesis Worlds Is Going To Have A Dungeon That Can Be Completed A Few Seconds Faster Than All The Other Dungeons in The Metaverse, And That’s Where Every Everyone’s Going to Want To Be!

New Raid: The Basilica of the Perdurable Vaingloriousness
Producer’s Note: Great Name! I Honeestly Didn’t Think WE COULD TOP THE LAST ONE! We’ll Get Some Details in This Section Soon.

New Dungeon: The Recursive Perpetuity

In The Wake Of The Jailer’s Defeat, All Of The Unexplored Parts Of Torghast Have Become Open For Plundering, And It’s Now A Mega Mega Mega Dungeon With Actually Infinite Floors. Only Realm Maintenance Or a Shaky Internet Connection Can Stop You From Finally Reaching The Not-Really Final Boss in What Turned Out To Be The Penultimate Room And Taking All Their Sweet Loot.

New Class: Tinker Leaker
The Most Popular Real Life Class Has Finally Come To the Fantasy World of Azeroth! Available to All Races, The Tinker Leaker Provides at Exciting Connection to the History of the Definite Future of the Game Itself. Tinker Leakers Are A Pure Support Class That Can Choose Between Two Ranged Specialization: Near-Term Guarantee and Distant Assurance.

AS a Tinker Leaker, You’ll Follow The Other Players in Your Group and Buff Their Spirits With Tales of A Well-Known and Interesting Activity That is Almost Certainly on the Horizon. You’ll Heal Your Allies With Promises, And When Each Encounter Ends, Your Name and Appearance Will Change So That The Next Round of Authentic Predications You Cast Will Increase in Persuasiveness.

New Professions: Micro-Professions
At Last, We’re Going to Prov The Old Adage That Less is more with this Big New Little Slate of Professions That Focus on the Small.

  • Gastronomy – It’s Like Cooking, Only You Make Miniscule Portions and They’re Mostly Foam.
  • Microscopy – Get a Closer Look at the Tiniest Denizens of Whichever World You’re, and Catalog Them All Until You Realize That No Matter Where You Go, They Basically All Look Like The Same Little Circles and Squiggles.
  • Disc Jockying \ – You Do not Get To Move For The Rest Of The Evening. This Micro-Profession Has You Standing In One Spot All Night, While Everyone Ignore’s You Antil You Brutally Tease Them By Not Dropping The Beat And Then Whhen You Finally do Let’s go!
  • Personal Water Sommelier \ – Analyze The Aqueous Commissions On Every Mage’s Table for Surprisingly Interesting Facts About Total Dissolved Solids and Alkalinity While Wearing Goggles That Would Mold Anyone Else Look Bad But Somehow You Pull It Off.
  • Beekeeping \ – Only Available in That One Small Part of Stormsong Valley, This is Really More of a Daily Chore Than Anything, But You did not learn your lesson with the backyard chickens so…
  • Miniature Painting \ – Learn How ItSeels to Be An Artist by Putting Some Tiny Droplets of Paint Onto Scaled-Down Versions Of Azeroth’s Greatest Heroes, Then Stand Back and Enjoy! Maybe Stand A Little Farther Away Than You Were Just Now. Yes, that’s better.
  • Microbrewing \ – Why Should Monks Have All The Fun at Home? Convert That One Room in Your Garrison Into A Yeasty-Smelling Radio Closet, Wait A Few Months, And Then Invite Your friends Over and Watch Them Struggle to Find the right words to say about your creation.


  • Jewelcrafting trainers no longer refer to their profession’s starting materials as “uncut JAMS”.
  • The Red Panda companion pet now hides from her mother a lot.
  • All characters’ shoulders have been made smaller so that all shoulder-slot gear can be made bigger.
  • A single, accidental reference to a tomato has been removed from the game. We apologize profusely for this error.
  • The new Arbiter’s first judgments have declared that all portals created by players count as “doors”, and therefore doors outnumber wheels in World of Warcraft (jetzt kaufen ).
  • Flask of the Vast Horizon now correctly forbids players from entering Westfall.
  • The Mists of Pandaria Innkeeper music now plays whenever a Pandaren enters the party.
  • All “trash” mobs in the latest raid are now permanently moved out of aggro range, beginning on the 25th week after the raid first opened.

  • Now when you fail to solve Cypher puzzles, Pocopoc turns into Pinchapinch.
  • Bag squish: As 144 slots of personal inventory have proved to be too much for most players, all bags have been reduced in size by 80%.

Many Classes Are Looking To Get BUFFED And Other Updates In Patch 9.2! - WoW: Shadowlands 9.2
* Fixed a bug that prevented someone from saying “Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker” whenever someone said “Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker”.
* All toys that squeak now cause the player to gain full threat from any Druids or Worgen that are within earshot.
* The NPC horse Bruno in Boralus is now 20% more tired of the fact that we don’t talk about him.

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