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Forza Motorsport 8 Publication in September October according to rumor

Forza Motorsport 3 Original Soundtrack - Full Album (OST w/ Unreleased tracks)

Insider Taiwan Shaikh leaves the rumor bed with a Tweet around Fora Motorsport 8 and believes that the racing game could only be published in September or October 2022. He wants to underpin this thesis through the release list of the past Fora Motorsport and Fora Horizon publications. > If Fora Motorsport is published in 2022, then possibly between September and October. Crossfire X in February. Stalker 2 in April. Review in summer. Star field in November. Death loop PS exclusivity ends in September. Also Project Sentiment and Project Belfry maybe Release in 2022.

Report important number of layoffs on the team behind Call of Duty Warzone

Revolver Digital, Inc. is an American computer game author based in Austin, Texas, specializing in the publishing of indie video games. The company was started in June 2009 by Nigel Lorrie, Harry Miller, Game Truthers, Rick Stunts, and also Mike Wilson, 5 execs who had been included with Gathering of Developers as well as Gamecock Media Group, which released video games on developer-friendly terms, however due to the high price connected with launching retail games saw themselves obtained as well as dissolved by larger business. To prevent this, Revolver Digital rather relied on electronic distribution channels.
Revolver Digital started by publishing high-definition remakes of video games in the Serious Sam series. After success with these remakes and spin-off games based on the collection, Revolver Digital started publishing video games from other, smaller independent studios, among the very first being their breakout title, Hotline Miami. The firm likewise operated Revolver Digital Films for movie distribution, and also majority-owns publisher Good Shepherd Enjoyment. Since January 2020, Revolver Digital utilizes 20 people. The firm went public on the Choice Financial Investment Market in November 2021.

When we thought that things could not get worsened within Activision Blizzard, now it is reported that Raven Software, one of the internal studies of Activision and is currently working on Call of Duty: War zone, has fired a significant number of employees, just after having promised them a salary increase.

According to Austin O’Brien, Community Manager for Raven, the studio dismissed a lot of quality assurance testers today, who in recent months had had to move to another State to fulfill With his work and not only that, but he had also promised that the company’s leaders were already working to improve their salaries.

I’m devastated right now. My friends from QA in Raven were promised, for months, that Activision was working on a restructuring of payments to increase their salaries. Today, one by one, valuable team members were summoned together and were told that they were going to dismiss them.

These people had to move to Madison, Wisconsin, to work from there. Now they will remain unemployed on January 28. Our team of QA makes an incredible work and this will not only increase your workload but also crushed your morality. If someone in the industry has vacancies, please share them.

In case this was not clear enough, it is a stupidity. It is unfair to these people to promise something better, and then dismiss them. I’m furious at this time.

Some members within Bungee and Epic Games responded to the tubs of O’Brien with different vacancies of employment for these Testers of QA, while, at the time of writing, nor Activision NI RAVEN have issued an official response.

On the other hand, Jason Schrader, Reporter of Bloomberg, claims to have been in contact with some of these testers and this was what they said about it:

Training Mission - Call of Duty: Warzone

I have been in contact with half a dozen testers for Raven. The company is informing them individually if they will be fired or not. But some do not have scheduled meetings until the next week, so you should spend this weekend without knowing if you still have your jobs.

Editor’s note: Things go from bad to worse for Activision and its internal studies. Definitely the company must take letters in the matter to improve their working conditions, and I do not even want to imagine how morality should be within the company.

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