WWE 2K22 is packed with different modes and experiences that players can try. From the planned construction capabilities of MyFaction to career mode, which is offered in My Rise. But in addition to what Visual Concepts created, there is a wide range of WWE 2K22 community creations, which can be compiled within the game, thanks to a comprehensive custom creator suite, which is offered within the game.

From simple tasks such as the design of your own entrance to your favorite wrestler to difficult challenges such as trying to put together a whole show, almost everything at WWE can be customized and it will certainly lead to some great creations of the community.

However, before you start optimizing custom options available in WWE 2K22, you should get a good overview of the available options. So continue reading a summary of the various options for WWE 2K22 community creations .

WWE 2K22 community creations

WWE 2K22 has 10 different community creation options can be uploaded online so that other players can use them anywhere in the world or to use them in their own custom brawls. These different categories of community creations are :

  • superstars
  • Championships
  • inputs

  • Victory Screens
  • Move sets
  • arenas
  • Shows
  • Money in the bank
  • Videos
  • Custom matches

WWE 2K22 Lets take a look at Your community creations
Superstars, custom images, arenas, championships, shows, move sets and money in the bank events can all be uploaded to the WWE 2K22 servers so others can download them. Some uploads, such as arenas, can be recorded and uploaded to other events.

You can also share these community creations with other players by using hashtags that are word combinations associated with each creation, for example, “Chair Bat Belt”. Other players can then enter a Hashtag combination to watch a creation immediately and then download.

Already during the early access start, we have seen superstar creations like Batman and He-Man, and we just expect things from here to become even crazier.

If you are looking for the best wrestlers in WWE 2K22, you can see WWE 2K22 reviews and with the active WWE 2K22 lock codes also pick up some free rewards.