Trigon: Space Story has a unique system of remuneration, which some can count too difficult to control. As the player destroys the pirate ships, the system of awards increases, but pirates are more likely to attack and the more difficult than the system. Down the award is quite simple, but it takes a lot of time.

What will reduce the award in Trigon: Space Story?

Trigon: Space Story - Beginner's Guide

You can reduce the award, just killing the pirate captains and capturing their team. Your award will be reduced if you are selling captured crew members to the Space Station nearest to you. To do this, your ship must be a crocamera. You can also reduce your award by performing side mission, but it is not so effective as the killing of captains.

Leave the current system is also useful, but in each system too many pirates. After entering the new system, a group of two or three pirates can quickly undermine any running strategy.

We recommend getting a cryamer as soon as possible, as the pirates are restless, and it is better to lower their award as soon as possible.

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