The new Survival game Sons of the Forest is often called The Forest 2 in the community — as successor to the popular survival hits. Mango reveals what to know about the release and content of Sons of the Forest.

When is Sons of the Forest out?

Sons of the Forest - Exclusive Official Release Date Trailer
The game will appear on 20 May 2022. The release comes after some shifts and long silence around the new part. The announcement worry about a hype at the Forest on Steam.

Will there be Early Access?

The developers did not express themselves. The Forest was in the early ACCESS for 4 years before it received the 1.0 release. However, Sons of the Forest should appear directly on May 20, 2022.

On which platforms can I play?

So far, there are no confirmed platforms to Sons of the Forest. However, the first part was playable on PC and PlayStation, which we expect the successor. The Forest, however, only came to the PS4 until 4 years after release.

How much will Sons of the Forest cost?

No concrete price for the game was still published. Since developer end night games is an indie studio, but the price could be clearly under AAA developments.

So far, there are only three trailers to Sons of the Forest. The latest trailer is from December 2021 and shows some features, backgrounds to the story and the release date:

Story and Gameplay by Sons of the Forest

What is it in Sons of the Forest? The story was already the popular first part of The Forest the drive for players to play again and again. Depending on what decisions you have met, the game had different ends.

The story of the Forest briefly summarized

You crash with an airplane on an island in the middle of the sea. Next to you was your son in the machine, and you have to find him now. You discover your mutants and cannibals on the law lively island.

As you survived, you always coincide from the backgrounds. Finally, you bum on your predecessors and a strange machine that can cause aircraft crashing. You have to activate you and sacrifice her life to save your son.

In Sons of the Forest, she seems to play Timmy, the son of the protagonist, who has now become older. You have tattooed your order on the arm: Demons kill. Now she obviously crashes with your held on the same island, which was already the scene of the first part, as the second trailer points to Sons of the Forest:

How it continues, has not been revealed yet. The trailers show that you are back against mutants and cannibals, but not what goal you are pursuing. In a scene, however, a detail is hidden: a flyer.

The luxury bunker Wellsprings advertises guests with amenities such as gourmet cuisine, private courtyard, personal chef, a pool and more. It is well possible that this is a trap and the operators have been the antagonists since the first part.

In a scene, an elderly man also appears, calling: In cover, son! Belongs with a shotgun on a Fleischer throwing with babies after you. So the protagonist of The Forest again plays a role.

Which features have the game? The Forest already relied on story and exploration, but also offered survival elements such as construction and crafting. The same is already seen in the trailers to Sons of the Forest.

You can easily build a small basis and have to defend these against NPCs while you are looking for the mystery of the island. Boss opponents obviously play a role again.

Some innovations are already visible:

A mutant that helps you and obviously serves as an ally — maybe even as a player character
Some new opponents
Many firearms, with an ammunition scarcity being indicated in the trailer

Already the predecessor, The Forest, is a huge hit on Steam and can still attract thousands of players despite his age. The game published in 2014 count on Mango to the best survival games at all. Maybe the successor finds a place in our list:

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