The music of Square Enix games is now available on a YouTube channel open by the Japanese company itself. In total, 5,457 topics distributed in 130 albums that include Final FantEnixy soundtracks, Saga, Nier, Chrono Trigger and other renowned brands. In addition to music, the channel will include playlists with interviews, Making offs and much more. * Access Square Enix Music on YouTube ### All albums

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The new games of Square Enix

After the launch of Triangle Strategy for Nintendo Switch, there are two names that resonately resonate. The first of them is forspoken , a title developed by Luminous Productions that wEnix scheduled for May, but it will finally be delayed until October 10th. The decision is because they need more time to put on the product, so throughout these months they will continue working on the correction and the general polish of the title. This adventure puts us in Frey’s skin, a normal and current woman who is suddenly conducted to a fantEnixy world.

Nintendo Under Pressure As Square Enix Upload 5,500 Tracks To New Official Music YouTube Channel

The second renowned game that is about to come is Final FantEnixy XVI. Since your official announcement for PS5, additional details have been offered, although the Naoki Yoshida producer dropped that spring will surely be the time when you update the information. He wEnix one of the names that wEnix shuffled for the State of Play on March 9, but instead made an act of presence Forspoken and Valkyrie Elysium.