Shredders - Developer Game Overview | Xbox Games Showcase
Shredders meets the basics, creating good mechanics to represent the snowboard, but it is very scarce in everything else.

There is a lot of world out of soccer or basketball in our environment. Starting with American football, following golf and reaching baseball games and other more minority sports, videogames have always been prone to accommodate all kinds of disciplines. And rightly: Pose games with rules, scores, winners and losers is a recipe applicable to both; And the versatility that gives the sport to be transferred to extract a competent and successful product is such that we have seen even car mergers with a futbito without seeming the dream of someone who likes more sleeping day than at night.


Basic information

  • Developer: I-Illusions
  • Editor: Foampunch
  • Platforms: X / S Series, PC
  • Proven version: PC
  • Availability: 03/17/2022

All these examples have had high and low. The Skateboarding had a particularly brilliant era in the ninety-two thousand, but the last decade has not been especially benevolent with him, and only the appearance in recent years of games like the Tony Hawk Remake or the recent Olliolli World have managed to return him To a prominent position in the lists. Others, such as the watermikes of the mythical Wave Race 64 or the snowboarding of the even more mythical 1080º snowboarding, have been progressively disappearing, condemned to be part of beaters in which they rarely shone with their own light. Shredders comes to try to change this, and to return to the last of the sports cited in the light of the spotlights; But its indie game character ends up converting a noble purpose into a very short trip experience.

Let’s start by the good, and it’s your control system. There is a very admirable thing of the I-Illusions effort by transferring the sport of snow to PC and Xbox, and it is the way the table responds. I do not mean only the feeling of sliding mountain down, but also the successful thing that feels all: the grinds on the railing are extremely physical, the skids are soft or abrupt depending on our needs, and landings make a conscious effort, and landings make a conscious effort. so as not to leave us never sold. This is possibly my favorite part of the control: where other games are deliberately opaque when it comes to teaching us when we can finish a trick and when we are going to eat soil, Shredders is extraordinarily clear about all, making them very few occasions in which We go to the snow thinking that it has not been our fault.

This is something that fits very well with the sections in which the game lets us go to our ball, in a luck of open world designed to travel tracks and get lost in the mountain, feeding that feeling of disconnection of the world that offers this kind of scenery. Compared to the rest of the proposal, this is where the greatest merit of the game is found, consisting of not disturbing the player with the typical surface added of extreme sports, and letting we descend themselves down while we think about our things, we chain that Another trick and we compete against ourselves.

But those addings are also, how not, and it is from that moment when the game begins to lose their way and show the multiple seams that convert the study modesty directly into shortcomings. There are harmless, such as these fictional mechanics adding drones or snowmobiles to overcome some mobility problems – especially uphill – and that suppose at least a small point of originality within the proposal; and there are directly unnecessary. The inclusion of a story mode, by ironic that seems to come from someone who enormously enjoys that kind of thing in sports games, is here the biggest problem: a way consisting of brief evidence but, above all, in a lot of clips Poor video that hinder the action to the point of radically cutting the rhythm.

I use the word poor not only to refer to the quality of the content, with that tone hesitated imposed as a hat back on a forty-five-year-old lord with their children, but also the technical: this is where the game he enters his knee and he really sees his indie character, with some merely acceptable graphics that do not represent the rest of the game -Modesto, but quite decent usually as to how he represents the mountain itself – and with tricks how to put some Huge glasses and a thermal panty in the mouth to all the characters so as not to have to model their faces. If we join some evidence that they force us on many occasions to wait for our partner, or to repeat the same mechanical action and again, you will understand why the final result is far from being the first stone in a future resurrection of the genre.

It costs still to be too cruel with Shredders. The conditions surrounding their development speak of a modest game, a motivated team (with referents such as SSX or AMPED in mind) and a much shorter budget than that of many other similar games that did not know how to highlight. Assemble a snowboarding game capable of being simple in understanding the tricks, but sufficiently complex when executing its different combinations, it is reason for admiration, at least to a certain extent. But his intention to be a complete game with two aspects ends up harming the whole greatly, and giving that impression of “I want and I can not” as uncomfortable as, in this case, unnecessary. Back to 1080º Snowboarding Nowadays without the nostalgia goggles, it can be hard, but learning from the simplicity of your concept is, perhaps, the best lesson you could have taken.