After the role-playing game The Witcher 3 at the new Cosplay’s role-playing game was high in recent days, today the fans of the popular Netflix series Arcane come to their costs. This ensures the recent plant of the trim artist “Starjuice”, which is definitely worth a closer look – not just for the Arcane community.

Grandious Cosplay by Jinx

“Starjuice” is a big fan of the character Jinx and did not take it to make a suitable costume from her. After numerous working hours followed a photo shoot, which has emerged the picture, which will find it within this message.

It shows how damn near the Cosplay comes to the original . At the costume, the artist not only thought of the long blue hair and the striking make-up, but also thought of many little things. This ranges from the cartridge birds to the gloves that flow into a flowing in an arm protection. Only the background for the photo does not fit very well to let the Arcane atmosphere ** rummage. Apart from that, however, the cosplay is a lot of praise.

Incidentally, this also applies to other cosplays of “Starjuice”. As can be seen on the basis of her reddit account, she has disguised itself as the heroine from the multiplayer shooter Overwatch and as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. These costumes are all visiting definitely worth seeing.

Gaming cosplays are high in the course

If you can not see full of cosplays from the world of computer and video games, we have some recommendations for you. These ranges from TIFA from Final Fantasy 7, about Ranni from Elden Ring to Ellie from the Last of us 2. Add numerous panels from the world of The Witcher 3. If you also want to get into the cosplay scene, we can We recommend you to the book Cosplay Crash Course the author Mina Petrovic.

Arcane Season 2 - How Jinx Regains her Sanity
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