Despite a quite recent release that only dates back to last November, Call of Duty Vanguard is unfortunately one of the most rejected games at the end of 2021. The many problems that players find as respawns completely Broken, problems with blockages, or even broken racks and monotonous weapons. However, in this 2022, it seems that Sledgehammer Games wants to tighten whether the study has made some ads on social networks, particularly on Twitter, of the changes that are coming.

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Vanguard will benefit from important updates

After several days of withstand the Krampus and the annoying laughter of the elf, it’s time for changes in Vanguard. First, the studio wanted to thank the players with their patience, and then list the main points that will be corrected in the coming days. In total, Sledgehammer Games has enumerated 4 important topics, starting with the challenges that are in the process of a solution. Since the launch of Vanguard on November 5, the game has experienced several problems related to the weapons camouflages, which has prevented players from completing all challenges and obtaining domain aspects.

Subsequently, the second point approached is the fire. Since the appearance of season 1 in Vanguard and War zone, players can take advantage of a new lethal throwing weapon, pomegranate incendiary. Apparently it is quite devastating and most of the community uses it and as a result, the study has announced adjustments to help us fight the fire of the weapon. third point and probably the most expected by players is adjustment of certain weapons, with the aim of improving the sniper rifles, and finally a real nerf for closets. Finally, fourth and last point, the mortar prey, that according to Sledgehammer, these should last less.

For the time being, the study has not reported a potential launch date for future updates, but has promised one as soon as this week. In addition, he announced that they will be more numerous than before, waiting for it for the good of the game.

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