The season ends today for the ski jumpers with the ski flying in Planica. The entire 2. Single jumping we pursue for you in the live ticker.

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Seasonal completion for the ski jumpers in Planica! At the last competition this season stands for the athletes skiing in Planica on the program. Whether Karl Geiger can start a big catching up today to win the overall World Cup, you will learn here in the live ticker.

Skiffire, 2. Jump in Planica – Intermediate

Rank | Name | Wide jump 1 | Wide jump 2 | Points
1. | Lovro Kos | 219.5 m | 227.0 m | 389.4
2. | Jan Hörl | 214.0 m | 230.5 m | 388.9
3rd | Daniel Tschofenig | 208.5 m | 221.5 m | 376.1
4. | Constantin Schmid | 210.0 m | 223.0 m | 374.1
5. | Markus Eisenbichler | 209.5 m | 220.0 m | 372.6

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Skiffire: 2. Single jumping in Planica now in the Liveticker – 2nd pass

Lovro Kos (SLO)

It goes to the next Zehnerblock, the Lovro Kos will open from the Slovenian team. It makes good conditions well, puts deep over his skis and can be carried from the air cushion to 227 meters. The notes are mixed, but it’s enough to put 0.5 points from Hörl.

Jan Hörl (AUT)

Jan Hörl comes in the final in enjoyment of the “Planica-song ‘, which is then played when an athlete can fly over the 230 meter mark. He could oversee them by half a meter. With 12.8 points ahead of the teammates Tschofenig is passing.

Naoki Nakamura (JPN)

Naoki Nakamura does not get his jump clean and then would like to go too much in the flight. A combination that is rarely good. At 203 meters it will be a seat back for him.

Gregor Deschwanden (SUI)

Gregor Deschwart is belonging to those who are happy to be happy that the season is now over. Because especially with the final ski flying was not much possible for the 31-year-old. After 217 meters, the mood is once again well he claps with Peier.

Daniel Tschofenig (AUT)

Now a good uphill comes in the hill and can also use Daniel Tschofenig to go down again. After 221.5 meters he creates exactly the width he would have needed to go to the first position.

Constantin Schmid (ger)

Constantin Schmid concludes the German block and he is allowed to celebrate a wide flight again. In beautiful winds, despite smaller errors, he pulls his flight down to 223 meters. Eisenbichler is already going on his intermediate guide again.

Markus Eisenbichler (GER)

Markus Eisenbichler waves into the audience, the coaches clap on the coach. At 220 meters, iron estate can now return again and place a nice flight to the end of the season. With a’Ciao ‘the German says goodbye from the season 2021/22.

Stephan Leyhe (GER)

Stephan Leyhe will soon be able to go to the DSV farewell party and he also succeeds in the final again the small increase. By 208 meters Leyhe points out.

Skiffire: 2. Single jumping in Planica in Liveticker – the last jump from friend

Severin friend (ger)

It’s so far and the last jump from Severin friend is on. Only today did the Routinian known his career end. Friend was in the 2014/15 season of the last German World Cup winner. At the 2014 Olympic Winter Games gold with the team and looks back on a total of eleven medals in ski jumping and airfelt championships. In the last flight he is allowed to enjoy it again and may buckle 215 meters. Below the 33-year-old is already expected and celebrated by the responsible in the DSV team. With new skis with the inscription’thank you, Severin ‘, he finally leaves the outlet.

Junshiro Kobayashi (JPN)

Junshiro Kobayashi also remained in the first round without a 200er. Can he change something now? Neither. The 200 meter brand is approaching, but not over it with 196.5 meters.

Killian Peier (Sui)

Like earlier, even in the last passage of the Killian Peier season. At 188 meters, the 26-year-old remains rejected 200 meters again.

Skiffire: 2. Single jumping in Planica in Livetick – Pause

Final at 10:57 o’clock

After a short break, it goes on in Planica with the second passage. The start is scheduled for 10:57.

Swiss Duo back

The duo from Switzerland lies as expected was far back. Gregor Deschwanden is with his jump at 208 meters 22. Killian Peier will open the final.

Power leads to Austrian

The team of the Austrians introduces Stefan Kraft, which will find himself in place at half time. Manuel Fettner and Michael Hayböck are also available at positions 13 and 15 on the first half of the result lists. Daniel Huber is at 218.5 meters 19 Jan Hörl (21.) and Daniel Tschofenig (24th) will jump in the first starter group.

German eagle in midfield

The German ski lanes are at half-time in midfield. Karl Geiger is 14. And thus it is already decided that he will not get the overall World Cup. The residue to place one is too big and the needed violinist to catch Kobayashi. Andreas Wellinger is 17. Constantin Schmid, Markus Eisenbichler, Stephan Leyhe as well as Severin friend, who will make the last flights of the career today, occupy the places 25 to 28.

Lindvik leads to halftime

At halftime it is Marius Lindvik, which leads the rating. The Norwegian came to 241.5 meters and dusted 222.6 points. 5.2 points residue has Ziga Jelar from Slovenia. Piotr Zyla has 6.1 points as third parties.

Skiffire, 2. Jumping in Planica – 1st passage

Rank | Name | Wide | Points
1. | Marius Lindvik | 241.5 m | 222.6
2. | Ziga Jelar | 239.0 m | 217.4
3rd | Piotr Zyla | 237.5 m | 216.5
4. | Yukiya Sato | 236.5 m | 216.2
5. | Peter Prevc | 235.5 m | 213.9

Skiffire: 2. Single jumping in Planica now in the Liveticker – 1st passage

Ziga Jelar (SLO)

Ziga Jelar had to jump many competitions in this winter only in Continental Cup. The self-confidence that seems to have not hurt and he burns again a wide jump in the snow. After 239 meters Jelar is the first pursuer of Lanisek and has the best chances to win the ski flight World Cup.


Timi Zajc misses the jump and give away a few meters so early. In the flight, the 21-year-old is fine again, but with 233 meters he can not deliver the widespread, which it takes to make pressure on Lanisek.

Stefan Kraft (AUT)

Can Stefan be mixed with? The flight of the Austrian runs neat, but at the top 3 he will not get approached with his 232 meters. Kraft ranks ranked in a narrow intermediate class.

Piotr Zyla (POL)

Piotr Zyla clenches the fists and screams his joy over the strong flight. From the shank table to landing, everything fits together with the Routinian of Poland and after 237.5 meters and three times the 19.0 for the attitude he takes over with 6.1 points residue place two.

Peter Prevc (SLO)

Peter Prevc can ensure that the Slovenians can continue to celebrate. With his flight to 235.5 meters, he also has to give Laniseek beaten, but he still has all the chances in the direction of the final. 8.7 points are feasible on such a big hill.


It is loud in the stadium and with Anoint Lanisek is the next Slovene in the series. Although this goes over the 230 meters, Lindvik can not be dangerous by far. With 13.3 points behind Laniseek assigns itself to position six.

Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)

Ryoyu Kobayashi cheers at the exit and celebrates one of his best flights here in Planica. After 235.5 meters, only 9.6 points are missing to Lindvik.

Skiffire: 2. Single jumping in Planica in Liveticker – Geiger Well from fight for overall World Cup

Karl Geiger (GER)

Karl Geiger shows it at the exit. With this flight he was not one hundred percent satisfied. Although the timing fits the shank table, the first meters look a little cramped and he can not get the maximum. With 225 meters and seven place, the race is probably done by the entire World Cup. Because violinists would have needed a victory to overtake Kobayashi.

Yukiya Sato (JPN)

Yukiya Sato also fully takes through and returns the next wide flight. After 236.5 meters, he belongs to those who are likely to hear the famous ‘planica song’ today. With 216.2 points in the rating he takes place two in the classification.

Marius Lindvik (NOR)

Marius Lindvik opens the group of the last ten starters in the first round. Yesterday he stood the best single flights of the team competition and today is Lindvik hot on the top places! With light up, he sails down to 241.5 meters. The notes are high and it goes to the top with 9.6 points lead.

Manuel Fettner (AUT)

Manuel Fettner experienced the second spring of his career this season and has become one of the most important springs in the ÖSV team. With 223.5 meters it goes well again and thus he is also in the race around the front positions.

Johann Andre forest (NOR)

Johann Andre Forest has not been completely satisfied despite a good flight in the spout. Seems, as if he had expected more than the 220.5 meters.

Kamil Stoch (pol)

Even at Kamil Stoch, it runs really well to the end of the season. With just light wind, the 34-year-old also calls a nice flight. 225 meters and good notes bring him to third place.

Dawid Kubacki (POL)

Dawid Kubacki clenches the fist at the exit! The flight of the Routinian fits perfectly and he can pull down his flight to 231 meters. The notes are really high and the prints for the wind low. Kubacki comes up to two points on PREVC.

Michael Hayböck (AUT)

Michael Hayböck he got late to the season, but has been bringing his achievements since that moment and now starts with a strong attempt in the final competition. After 226 meters, Hayböck takes place two behind Cene Prevc.

Skiffire: 2. Single Joining in Planica in Liveticker – Eisenbichler and Boyfriend

Markus Eisenbichler (GER)

Markus Eisenbichler has it a bit better from the circumstances, rooting more than before him Tschofig, but he can not. After 209.5 meters, the flight is already relatively early again. Like many of the teammates, iron estates must also enter into the back.

Daniel Tschofenig (AUT)

Daniel Tschofenig is one of the risers of the season. With light up, he also does not catch the best conditions and then the very big leap jumps in the end. At 208.5 meters, he will find back on the back.

Severin friend (ger)

Pech for Severin friend! The German has bad luck with the winds and then not much for him, when he can not do the technology clean. With 190.5 meters he lands already before the 200 meter mark.

Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)

Halvor Egner Granerud has to conjure up properly in aviation. The Norwegian comes out wrong, a lot has to work and can not deliver the expanses he has shown yesterday. At 218 meters he is the new new second behind Prevc.

Daniel Huber (AUT)

The next Austrian is with Daniel Huber in the row. With 218.5 meters, it is also neat again, but it is not over at PREVC and Wellinger.

#ClassicsLive | 2015/16 | Planica | Flying Hill #2 | FIS Ski Jumping

Skiffire: 2. Single jumping in Planica in Liveticker – Wellinger for the time being in place 2

Andreas Wellinger (GER)

Class! Wellinger does not get the jump and is a bit too late, but in the flight but he’s really good, makes a good bolt and sails up to 223 meters. He slides in front of Kos on the second position.

Lovro Kos (SLO)

It will be loud again in the stadium. A sign that the next Slovene goes over the ski jump. Even Kos comes well into flying and with 219.5 meters another jump in the snow. He takes over position two.

Naoki Nakamura (JPN)

Naoki Nakamura does not approach the width of the competitor, but the 25-year-old had certainly not expected. After 211.5 meters, he can certainly be satisfied with his performance in the first passage.


CENE PREVC brings the viewer ranks to a boil and shows: the Slovenians want the Nation Cup! PREVC uses the good waterproof, places well over the skis and skin actually the 241 meters out. Sure, he goes clearly to the top.

Constantin Schmid (ger)

Yesterday Schmid was anything but happy with the wings he has delivered. Today, the Germans caught a bit better and at least 210 meters is on a solid width. For the attitude there are three times the 18.0 and he finds up in third place again.

Jan Hörl (AUT)

Jan Hörl has been able to celebrate some great success this season and also at the final in Planica he can take a nice jump again. 214 meters will be for him. The attitude is evaluated with solid notes and he takes place on one.

Stephan Leyhe (GER)

Stephan Leyhe gets away well from the shank table. Then he has to correct briefly, but then the jump is clean. At 204.5 meters, it maps behind Deschwand on position two.

Gregor Deschwanden (SUI)

The second Swiss is already on the series. What can Gregor Deschwanden root now? He caught a light tailwind, but with 208 meters, the audience can still put the first sentence over 200 meters.

Junshiro Kobayashi (JPN)

Junshiro Kobayashi also looks back on a simple season. He can now overlook the width of Peier, but more than 188 meters should never be hoped.

Killian Peier (Sui)

With Switzerland, the competition will also be opened directly. Since jumped according to the stand of the ski flight World Cup, Killian Peier is already early on the series. The 26-year-old struggles again and must land at 175 meters.

Skiffire: 2. Single jumping in Planica in Liveticker – before starting

Before starting: Switzerland can participate in the competition today with Killian Peier and Gregor Desch. Results far ahead but both athletes should not necessarily calculate after the previous skif dry ones are not rounded around this season.

Before starting: With six starters, the German team is also there today. With you Karl Geiger also valid in the last trains of the season as a guarantee for excellence. In the rest of German athletes, however, no longer seems to fit every jump. At the start are next to the World Cup Second Mark’s Eisenbichler, Severin Friend, Andreas Wellinger, Constantin Schmid and Stephan Leyhe.

Before starting: The Austrians can tackle the last jumping season with six starters. Of them, Stefan power is certainly the best ways to fight the victory today. Manuel Fettner, Michael Hayböck, Daniel Tschofenig as well as Daniel Huber and Jan Hörl but also have to put himself in stuff, so that you can secure the Nation Cup.

Before starting: Today, the Slovenians are once again the great favorites on the victory. In particular, Timi Zajc and Peter Prevc can make hopes. But also Ziga Jelar and Point Lanisek is at the top of the note. Also Marius Lindvik from Norway wants to mix if the last victory of the winter is awarded.

Before starting: The finale in Planica is also a lot. Although Ryoyu Kobayashi has the best possibilities for the second time in his career in the World Cup The ski flight World Cup is not yet decided yet. Here Ziga Jelar leads with 230 points in front of teammate Timi Zajc (138 pts). Stefan force is also in the race with 200 points. And the Nation Cup is not decided yet. After the most recently strong results, Slovenia has brought into conversation and put pressure on the leading Austrians.

Before starting: As usual, only the best 30 present athletes of the current World Cup score are allowed to start at the last competition of the season. These come from a total of seven nations today.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the final of the ski jump season 2021/2022. From 10:00 clock starts the last competition of the winter.

Skiffire: 2. Single jumping in Planica today live on TV and Livestream

In the free TV you can see the 2nd single jumping in Planica today in the ard and on Eurosport live and full length. The public service broadcaster starts his transfer of spectacle today at 09.55. Eurosport is already on the day today. On the sports station you can follow the ski flying today from 09:50.

Both TV channels also offer you the opportunity to pursue your transmissions in the Livestream. In the ARD media library and on you can see the free Livestream of the ard. Eurosport offers you with the paid EUROSPORT Player the option to stream the 2nd single jumping.

Dazn also offers a LiveStream of the 2nd single jump in Planica. From 09.50 clock you see Dazn the seasonal completion of the ski jumpers live and fully. Here you will find the offer of Dazn.

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Ski jumping: The stand in the overall World Cup

Place Name Points
1 Ryoyu Kobayashi 1,589
2 Karl Geiger 1,500
3 Halvor Egner Granerud 1,205
4 Marius Lindvik 1,131
5 Stefan power 1,045
6 Markus Eisenbichler 943
7 Audes Lanisek 891
8 Timi Zajc 661
9 Jan Hörl 652