Three main elements in Disney Twisted-Wonderland are exactly as expected by: Fire, Water and Flora. The fire has an advantage over Flora, Flora has an advantage over water, and water has an advantage over fire. However, there is a fourth element that works a little different than the remaining three. This element is space. Let’s see how space cards work in Disney Twisted-Wonderland.

Space Card Definition

Space cards will know only one space spell, not two. This means that every space card will have one cosmic spell and one water spell, fire or flora. The cosmic spell may be both in the first and in the second slot, but the first slot occurs more often. For this reason, cosmic spells are the least common element from the point of view of spells suitable for DUO Magic.

A Beginner's Guide to Building Cards in Twisted Wonderland [Open Captions]

how to use space cards

Space cards are best used in the battles of Omni. This can be both an OMNI exam and a plot battle with 3-4 elements in the opponent. Space cards are unique in that they do not interact with other elements at all.

If an enemy attack can be water, fire or flora, and you do not want to risk being at a disadvantage, the choice of cosmic spells guarantees a standard attacking and defending parties. However, if you are a player who relies on resistance to most of the strikes with the advantage, know that you cannot have an advantage with a space spell.

If you do not need to use a cosmic spell as a fuse, you can always use it against an enemy attack against which you have fewer advantages on items, or against another space card.

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