The Video game Honors 2021 was an award show that recognized the ideal computer game of 2021. The occasion was held by Geoff Kafka, designer and manufacturer of The Video game Honors, and also was held to an invited audience at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on December 9, 2021. The preshow ceremony was held by Sydney Goodman. The event was live-streamed across greater than 40 electronic systems. It featured musical efficiencies from Envision Dragons, DID, Darren Orb, and Sting, and also discussions from star guests including Reggie Filename, Keanu Reeves, Ben Schwartz, and also Ming-Na Wen. Activision Blizzard was left out from the show outside its chosen video games after the business was taken legal action against by the California Division of Fair Work and also Real estate on allegations of sex-related harassment and employee discrimination in July 2021; Kafka’s remarks regarding the business got some criticism.
Death loop led the show with 9 elections; it won The Finest Game Instructions and Ideal Art Direction. Fora Horizon 5 and also It Takes 2 connected for the most wins with 3 awards, and the last also won Video game of the Year. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was granted Best Story, and Maggie Robertson won Best Efficiency for her duty as Girl Dimitrescu in Citizen Wickedness Town. A number of new games were revealed throughout the program, including Alan Wake II, The Area: A Telltale Series, as well as Sonic Frontiers, and the first full trailers for Halo and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 premiered. The ceremony obtained a mixed function from media magazines, with some praise guided at new video game statements and criticism for the show’s size as well as concentrate on announcements over awards.

Foreseen relies on the black protagonist Fey. Because female as well as black hero still are in the slumberous, this form of representation is likely to be gladly happy. But a preview event now indicates that otherwise it could not be too far with the probably superficial diversity.

Instead, the figure seems to be influenced above all by racist stereotypes, and in the team of the author there is probably not a single person who is not Was. For all, actress Ella Babinski has also been instructed to give Frey a hip-hoppy gear for the Motion Capture shots. Accordingly, criticism is expressed accordingly.

For spoken handling of stereotypes and representation leaves many question marks

That’s why it’s all about: Forsaken’s main character is the black New Yorkie Frey. It is catapulted on a mysterious way in the Fantasy World Atria and has to deal with all sorts of fable creatures, a mighty antagonist and also with magic. Meanwhile, there is much criticism of dealing with the main character. They should actually serve to reflect the various audience and serve as a projection area so that many people can identify with it.

Why we write the adjective black big and was italic or what POC (Person of Color) means you can, for example, in the Glossary for Discriminatory Language of Amnesty International or at IDF children’s format logo! Read.

What is the problem? Frey is described as very angry. She was fallen by the cracks of society and is almost in prison with one leg. Although Square Enix says, the team had worked closely with several consultants from BIPOC backgrounds, this story of the protagonist does not sound particularly imaginative, but rather leaves the alarm bells in many BIPOC.

Racist stereotypes: This is especially because black people are still confronted and described very often with such prejudice and stereotypes: loud, angry, excited, criminal, on the edge of society and anyway almost in prison.

Pure Wales Author Interior Team: Effective is added that people who missed Frey missed this background story, well, all are all Was. Or maybe that can sometimes explain the circumstance why that could happen without it noticed at Square Enix. In a preview event, where Gamer participated, all presentations to foreseen were then taken over by Was speakers’.

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Both Kodak and Fan byte also report that Motion Capturing and Voice Over-Director Tom Keegan has explained, actress Ella Babinski is to give Frey a hip-hoppy gear. On request, what that is to mean exactly, but unfortunately did not have been discussed.

Is For spoken Frey interchangeable? Still, the choice of a black protagonist seems to be reasonably interchangeable if your background in the game world has no effect. In the fantasy world of For spoken, at first glance, it actually looks like it does not matter if Frey is black or was. This enhances the impression that we have to do here with a kind of fig leaf and very superficial representation.

That’s what the critics say about possible problems with foreseen

In the course of the reports and in response, there is now a lot of criticism of BIPOC at foreseen, the preview event and everything that belongs to it. Isaiah Colbert writes at Kodak, the black authors in the inside or adviser in prominent functions in the presentation as well as people with melanin in meaningful positions wonders.

While I do not doubt that Luminous Productions have consulted black people, as they should create Frey, it has on me as a player who consumes both on-screen and when creating the narrative, not beneficial Keys to be greeted only from white authors and to hear only second-hand from this advice.

If we conduct discussions about representation and changes in game development, it often feels like it only with superficial changes, such as the face on a games cover or an almost exchangeable protagonist.

Subnautica Below Zero and Naughty Dog Author Zaire Lanier writes:

That’s what we mean when we say that it is not enough to have, including characters, if the team will not work behind them, making it significant. Creating the character is simple. Everything else is difficult, from letter to who speaks for them. This is important. […] Diversity and inclusive do not start with the character model and do not stop there.

We deserve to have characters with completely conceptualized inner life that are not stereotyped. It should be in kind of direction, dialogues, World Building and so on. Miles Morales is not just a Peter Parker Reskin.

Miles Morales has a fully realized deviation from Peter Parker in many ways. They are both Spider-Man, but that’s it. From family culture about where you live and people with whom they hang around to Miles’ interests. It’s all important.

Frey deserves more than a hip-hoppy gear.

(Via: Zaire Lanier on Twitter)

Chandra Ekanayake also looks very similar to that: it is not enough to have representation on the screen.

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To the release of foreseen can of course even happen. The action adventure with Open World should only appear on May 24, 2022. It only comes first for PS5 and the PC on the market, but a later Xbox version is not excluded.

What do you say about the criticism? How would you as a developer studio topics like diversity and representation?