The most important scene of the first half occurred shortly before the break whistle, as Locadia Lienhart clearly grabbed the neck and threw up to the ground, neither referee Robert Schröder nor Var Sören Storks but interventions (45. + 1).

Previously, not too much had happened, the game started by Holtmann’s header very promising. Holtmann was moved to RB Leipzig next to Stafylidis, Osterhage and Locadia for Danilo Soares, Löwen, Pantovic and Polter (all bank) in the Stafylidis, Osterhage, Pantovic and Polter (all bench) and made their way at the men of Thomas rice.

Only a few scenic scenes – Bochum in happiness

The sports club, in which coach Christian Streich after the 3-0 victory against Hertha BSC Berlin had changed only marginal and brought a pity for Sallai (bank), approached Günter (7.), but then the game flattened. This was mainly because both teams lost in intense midfield branches and lacked precision in the passport.

Grifo hesitated too long (26th), Petersen closed too early (38.) – Both goalkeepers had to barely intervene until the break, for excitement, only Locadia.

It continued eleven-against-eleven, the Dutch did not come back. He was struck anyway, rice took him in twice as a precaution from the field, Polter replaced him.

Petersen is right – polter answers quickly

But the sports club experienced the better start – and what kind of: a shot shot could only ward off to the side, there was Petersen right and pushed the ball to the guidance (51.). Of course, the Breisgauer played in the maps, the guests moved further in the episode.

The VfL fell quite little, but Rexhbecaj had a strong idea: the Mittelfeldmann gave himself to the right with a fountain place and flanked perfectly on the polher, which had to sign up only to compensation (64.). Prank responded to the increasing passivity of his team and brought Demirovic, Höler and Sallai (72nd), three fresh offensive forces.

90 minutes are not enough – Leitsch as a misfortune rabbit

But many things remained in the final phase piece of pieces, the extension was increasingly pointing – and she came. In this, the sports club initially looked something fresher, but it changed quickly. Because in the first section Flekken had to intervene only against lions (99.), then polter missed the lead only scarce (102.).

In the second section, the Breisgauer then started something again and played well, but everything looked after penalty shooting. Until the 120th minute: Then Leitsch failed a return pass to Riemann completely, Sallai spurted in between and overwart Riemann to the rejuvenated winner for the Freiburg.

Roland Sallai is a Hungarian Talent! - 2021

A bitter evening for the VfL, who missed the greatest success since 1988, Freiburg, on the other hand, is after 2013 for the second time in the semi-final of the DFB Cup.

The freshly baked Olympic champion Laura Nolte (Gold in the two-bob) will be excluded as part of the ARD sports score next Sunday (19.15 clock) the semi-final parts. In the pot are Leipzig, Union Berlin, HSV – and the SC Freiburg.

Bochum receives the SPVGG Greuther Fürth on Saturday afternoon (15.30 clock) in the Bundesliga. Freiburg is at the same time at RB Leipzig.