Has passed little more than a year since the launch of ps5 and xbox series x. To date, getting any of these two consoles is still a highly complex task and it seems that the problems related to scarcity will be extended to what Long 2022. In terms of sales, it is said that the new Sony console would take the lead with almost double units sold.

At the beginning of this month, it was revealed that the PS5 had already reached 17.3 million units sold to date, thus surpassing the sales of Wii U in the process. Meanwhile, Microsoft mentioned that the X Series was born around 12 million. However, according to Piers Harding-Rolls , director of Ampere Research , the actual sales number of X ** it would actually be closest to 10.3 million.

This means that the difference in sales between the ps5 and X would be seven million, with the new console of Sony carrying the lead. If we take into account the numbers that were given to the public, then this difference would be 5.2 million, which is still a quite important amount. We will see how these figures are being developed throughout the year, especially by the subject of scarcity.

How PS5 Destroyed Xbox Series X!! PS5 Sold 5 Million Unit!!
Editor’s note: I think that on this occasion we will have a much closest competition than during the generation of PS4 and Xbox One. The latest exclusives of Xbox have been a resounding success, and nor what to say about Sony. Either as it is, both consoles are incredible and the future definitely looks promising for both.