“Elden Ring” Articles are created from overseas communities. The influence of a big hit or an article with “Elden ring” and “cryptographic currency” appeared. The strange content is flooded by Tsukkomi.

“Elden Ring” is an action RPG that the From Software worked. This work changes the stage to a vast open field while holding the game play of the same studio past work such as the “Dark Soul” series. Many new elements are also incorporated. This work was a big hit immediately after the release of February 25, and the world’s total number of shipments was overwritten by about 2 weeks from the release (Related Articles). On SNS, etc. communities talk about the game in Japan and abroad, each game media including Mines also communicated numerous topics. “Elden Ring” would be said to have created a kind of social phenomenal situation.

Such high popularity, even with regard to non-game-based media, it is scattered that announces articles that incorporate “Elden ring” to the theme. And there are two articles that have been published earlier, are now attracting criticism from this work community.

One of the two articles that have been criticized is the article that describes the “Elden Ring” that the US General Paper The New York Times released on April 13th. This is a content that results in a high-difficulty game experience of “Elden Ring” and conveys the importance of cooperating with people.

And the other is an article that Overseas Media COINDESK, which conveys the topic of cryptographic currency, is published on April 14. Here, “” Elden Ring is overwhelmed by the criticism, the bit coin will be the same. ” In the article, the “Dark Soul” series, “Demon’s Soul” “Bloodborne” “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” categorize “Souls Games” as “Souls Games”. And, the path of the “Seoul Works” followed by the “Seoul Works” is the content to expand the claim of “similar to Crypto.”

The response of the gamer community was severe for articles that have tangled the pandemic and cryptographic currency that seemed to be thin and related to “Elden Ring”. Article Introduction of article introduction by the New York Times Lighter The tweets were asked to have a large number of tours for the content of the article. The COINDESK official article introduction is the same as the company, and a hand-like comment from the user to the meme image, etc., and a severe comment such as, and the entire opinion is centered on the article as a whole. Apparently, the claims for many users seem to be convincing. In addition, YouTuber’s Yongyea will expose the videos related to these two articles and say “Really Dumb)”. Even in videos, we put Tsukkomi at a number of points.

So, specifically where both articles are the problem? There are many Tsukkomi from the theme, but let’s organize points that are pointed out again. About the New York Times article, it seems that it is not pointed out that the difficulty of “Elden ring” and hardship associated with the pandemic is unlikely. In addition, the contrary is also gathers in the narrow claim of the basis for “Not except for the current long-term pandemic, which is a long-term pandemic.”

In the first place, the past work “Dark Souls III” is a popular art that sells a total of 10 million copies in about four years from the release. Certainly, the momentum after the release of “Elden Ring” is an order of magnitude, and there is no possibility that the influence of the “Natsumori Demand” has been constant. However, basically, it will be the outcome of the large fan-based and sales effort that the From software has established a steady basis. Besides, in the same article, it seems that screenshots and videos are why “whether you have taken the screen directly on your smartphone” is also called Tsukkomi. It is pointed out that the camera capture function and the capture board are not used. The article has also mentioned in a game play experience, and so as to be able to help people with a reality to help people, as well as a reality, it is landed in conclusions. Although the description as the experiences can be understood, the claims from to it will generally have a general point of interest.

And COINDESK article emphasized that “Seoul work was a game that was not a lot of people.” The previous from software works have received many criticisms such as “too difficult” and “the difficulty level selection option”, but still the axis of the work was scared, but it is successful. And the logic of the article suddenly leaps that “Seoul series, successful soul-based work and cryptographic currency that could not be heard.” The articles showed off the first block in bit coin block chain, and “Demon’s Souls” has been released in Japan in Japan. We are developing a doubt connection.

The article also claims that “Seoul work and cryptured currency have appeared at the same time when creative and ideological failure occurred in market competition, and developed.” While the Seoul-based work claims that it was a game that has been removed from the standard, the “Call of Duty” series and the “Assassin’s Creed” series are represented as “the games for the public” and criticizing it as compared. Although the logic suffering from understanding continues to be developed, if you put out the abstract, if you want to force the abstract, “The niche Seoul-based works that have been exposed to criticism was successful, not welcomed the public voice, they Since I delivered something that has not been aware of himself and not aware of it. If so, it seems that the cryptographic currency that is also exposed to criticism and the concipitated currency that penetrates a consistent vision should be accepted by the public. “.

However, the game work “Elden Ring” will be quite impossible to overlap the cryptographic currency itself. With regard to cryptographic currency and block chain technology, it is often the case of the speculative image, or if the activity of malicious operators is to be spoken. We are also criticized by concerns about environmental impacts that occur from the consumption of computational resources. COINDESK may want to claim that “even if criticizing is being criticized,” is a great success.

However, “Seoul system” works that COINDESK has been exposed to criticizures so far, “Demon’s Souls” is a Metacritic (Metacritic). In addition, each of the past work sales are also strong, including a total of 10 million sales of “Dark Souls III” described above. Even though the film-software works are subject to criticism such as “too difficult”, it is the same for successful “Elden Ring”. Unlike cryptographic currency and block chain technology, the From Software work has not been criticized by environmental load and fraud concerns. “Elden Ring” is treated as an innovation symbol, and it can be said that it is nonsense that claims that “because the cryptographic currency is also accepted by the public currency”.

There will be a case that the real aspect is reflected in the game work, or the case where it can be seen from sales. However, pandemic hardships and “Elden ring” tests are not the same, and no “Elden Ring” is accepted by many people, and the image to the cryptographic currency is not improved. “Elden Ring” causes a hit to hit the whole world. There are also many media that I want to overcome the popularity (not exception to the magazine). However, it can be said that unexpected and outstanding. I also want to tighten my mind as a person who is involved in the media, to carefully communicate the game.