Trigon: Space Story gives you a lot of loans if you know what you are doing. Usually it is difficult to get loans, and the longer you live in the trigon, the more difficult it is to survive. Fortunately, we have found a simple way to earn a lot of loans.

How to get many loans in Trigon: Space Story

Obtaining your award 6.0 or higher is the first step. Try to contact the pirates whenever you can. They can be attacking openly, stopped from raids at the station or killing, looking for red skulls on the map. In the end, they will attack you, which will give you more chances to increase the award.

Then you need to get to the station, next to which by this moment there should be from four to six red skulls. What are you doing from here is from the station to the red skull, and then to another. Then return to the station, which will give you three different combat clashes. When your reward exceeds 6.0, you will receive weapons from pirate ships.

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The most important thing is to constantly return to the station to sell the weapon that you receive from the pirates. They are sold for hundreds of loans and can easily bring you to three thousand after two or three trips from the station.

If you have a chance to catch pirates in cryocamers, use it. A good idea not to make the award too high, but the more loans you have, the more you can improve your ship, so in the end it will not be valid.

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