Whether PS5, Xbox or Gaming PC: Each gamer has installed a mass storage to install games and Co. But is a 1 TB for gaming 2022 even sufficient?

Who wants to play games, must inevitably install them on a storage medium. Here users can now choose between conventional hard drives (HDDs) and a Solid State Drive (SSD).

HDDs are significantly cheaper than SSDs, but also slower and more faulty in impacts and movements.

But how much space do you need 2022 when you want to gamble modern games? Is 1 tb still sufficient today or do we need more memory?

Colloquially, we speak both at an HDD and a SSD from hard disk. Technically, a hard disk but only magnetic storage media (HDDs) are meant.

If you want to play top-modern titles and MMOs, you need a lot of space

Which games is ND big? In particular, many modern games and MMOs need plenty of space. We call you as an example here 5 games that many users currently play and require proper storage space:

COD: Modern Warfare & War zone require almost 200 GB of memory in the complete package. If you only want to beat you in the war zone, the game shrinks to almost 90 GB.
The new coop shooter back 4 Blood always needs about 40 GB on your computer.
The MMORPG New World requires around 50 GB on the hard disk
For Final Fantasy XIV Online you need 80 GB of free space with the new extension.
Destiny 2 is also quite large with 105 GB.

Especially textures need plenty of space on your hard drive

Why are plays today so big? Textures, videos and audio files need plenty of space if your games want to install. Especially textures need more and more space, because gamers finally want their game looks great.

Are Hard Drives Still Worth It?
However, this is noticeable in memory hunger: high-resolution textures, clothes moving each other with every bridge of winds or hairstyles where you can count every hair. There are also special features like Ray tracing. But this requires space on the physically limited mass storage.

As if that were not enough, some games still offer high-resolution texture packages. After all, your graphics card should not be bored and the last rock must look crack sharp. The games look optically better, but the space requirement is rising.

Why do not delete games just? Probably many players know the problem: Games can be uninstalled in a few moments, but the renewed download can take several hours (depending on the line).

Therefore, there is enough user, the games can be installed even if they are not gambled. Because some simply have no desire to download dozens gigabytes to data and to wait again and wait.

1 tb memory space could be tight in the long term

Basically, it depends on what a gamer you are. If you have two or three favorite games, which you can play mainly, then your hard drive should not be fully. Even if the games become a bit larger or regularly get big updates like Call of Duty: War zone or Apex: Legend. So became a big update from COD: War zone for console players to the problem because the game was just too big.

However, if you want to play much more games or just try new things, it’s worth buying a mass storage with 2 TB directly. Otherwise, you have to delete games regularly.

Take your video for gambling or uses other programs with great storage requirements, 1 TB should also be scarce.

Many users have now established the combination of HDD and SSD. A small SSD for operating system and basic programs, and an HDD for games and data. But the SSD for Windows should not be too small. Because many games store memory levels, screenshots or settings in the document folder on the Windows partition.

Why it is particularly worth buying an SSD