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Kakao Games increased 105% year -on -year sales in the first quarter of 2022, achieving KRW 266.3 billion

Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye -hyun) announced on the 3rd and first quarter of 2022.

In 1Q sales, which applied the Korea International Accounting Standards (K-IFRS), increased by 105% YoY to W26.3bn, and operating profit increased by 170% to W42.1bn.

In the first quarter of 2022, efficient cost execution and development of the existing mobile and PC online game sales were made.

The mobile game division achieved sales of approximately KRW 177.2 billion, up 195% year -on -year, based on the stabilization of domestic sales and Taiwan’s domestic sales. In particular, ‘Odin’, which first entered the global market, is a successful global global company, even though it is a new IP (Intellectual Property), which has achieved sales of about 50 billion won for a month after the launch of Taiwan in late March. It announced the market expansion.

The PC online game division recorded sales of approximately 14.6 billion won, down 71% year -on -year due to stabilization of existing titles.

In addition, thanks to the sustainable growth of Kakao VX and the stable sales of Sena Technology, other sales increased by 294% year -on -year, achieving about 74.5 billion won, and contributed to the overall sales increase.

Kakao Games is planning to make a second leap through the global launch of the leading titles and the sequential launch of new works. In addition, it will lead to further growth through securing global IP and differentiated blockchain platform business.

First of all, with the launch of Mega Hit Expectation ‘Umamus Me Pretty Derby’, the world’s best graphic quality collective RPG ‘Ever Soul’, which is expected to achieve global market in the second half,, and differentiated future worldview MMORPG ‘Ares: Rise of Guardians’ In addition, various genres of games such as PC online survival game ‘Distera’ and XL Games’ new mobile works are being prepared sequentially.

In addition, the company invests in a promising studio with excellent development power to strengthen its lineup and expand its global capabilities not only in the game but also in the non -game division.

In addition, the Boran Network is preparing to launch more than 10 games this year, including Meta Bora’s Buddy Shot, XL Games’ Aki World, and Rising Wings, a subsidiary of Craepon’s subsidiary, Rising Wings.

In addition, through cooperation with domestic and foreign governance councils, the company plans to expand the purple platform ecosystem to overseas markets by introducing various contents services such as ‘Games’, ‘Sports’ and ‘Entertainment’.

Four titles in a race: Friedrichs masterpiece

In just one race, Francesco Friedrich hold four titles: European champion, World Cup winner, total World Cup winner in the two-bob and overall winner in both disciplines. The double Olympic champion from the BSC Oberbänburg won on Saturday in the Swiss Engaging in the small sled with pushers Thorsten Margin.


After two runs he referred the Canadian Justin Krupps with 0.19 seconds ranked two. Krupps, who was at the same time in 2018 in Pyongyang with Friedrich Olympias champion, drove in the second run in 1: 05.80 minutes, but could not intercept the Saxony. World Cup third parties and EM second was the Berchtesgaden Johannes Locker launching for Stuttgart.

We are great happy. Now it goes in two weeks after Beijing. We drive with a good feeling.

Francesco Friedrich

Like Friedrich, Locker drove with Florian Bauer with his Olympic Answer. Christoph’s oats from BC Bad Fallback came with Matthias Summer on World Cu prang Eight and EM Square Six.

We’re great. Now it’s going to Beijing in two weeks. We drive with a good feeling, said Friedrich, who, except the Patter in Signal (Twelve), won all the World Cups in the small sledge.

Jamaica ensures surprise

Previously, Mariana Jamaica had taken care of the BRC Thuringia for a surprise. With a hundredth of a hundredth, the two-bob-Olympic champion took himself to Laura Note from Winter berg the European Championship title in the Monobob. In the parallel World Cup she came in four in front of Note. The World Cup victor secured US Pilot Baillie Humphries from Team Collegian Elena Meyer Taylor, which after two runs had 0.04 seconds behind Humphries. World coup dress was the Canadian Cynthia Appear.

I got my best Monobob result in my World Cup time. European champion in the Monobob, you have to digest first. St. Moritz is a route that lies me. I was glad I could show two ordinary runs in the Monobob. I’m just looking forward, said Jamaica, who still does not like the Olympic discipline held for the first time in Beijing.

Ludwig Holt Total World Cup — Lock and Langerhans Complete success

Rennbodler Johannes Ludwig has relied on back and for the first time three weeks before the start of the games, the entire World Cup won. The Olympia third led on its home station in Oberon with rail record a German triple stream in front of Max Langerhans (Friedrichroda / + 0.304 seconds) and the former Dominator Felix Hole (Berchtesgaden / + 0,316), for which 35-year-olds it was already the fifth season win.

It really ran like the lacing today. There are days, there’s a lot going on.

Johannes Locker

It really ran like the lacing today. There are days, there’s a lot going on. Overall, it was really nice, said Ludwig, who had missed the podium last weekend in Latvian Sigurd, I felt really comfortable on the train, It was really fun.

Record World Champion Lock (32), whose mold curve is further pointing up after a difficult season in Oberon, was ranked two in Sigurd. At the kick-off, hole with two second seats on the Olympic run near Beijing and in Sochi still convinced, then the three-time Olympic champion did not make it no longer on the podium. In December, a corona infection also caused a forced break.

Hole’s praise for the Hans

It was a great day. At the moment I’m full of Happy, standing on the podium. Especially after my corona infection, said hell: Hans has gained a really horny run twice and earned. Chris Either (Wicket) landed on Saturday in Oberon in place ten, David Nadler (Oberon) drove at his World Cup debut on his home rail on a considerable 13th place.

Until the winter games in Beijing (4 to 20 February) is still one last World Cup station in the racing calendar: Next weekend is rising in St. Moritz (22/23 January) the dress rehearsal for Olympia.

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