Sony has revealed the last line of games that will add to PlayStation Now in the month of April. Last week, it became more noise around PS Now in relation to your next combination with PlayStation Plus that will take place in June. However, before that happens, Sony has made it clear that it will not stop adding new titles monthly to PS NOW in the current form of the service.

Detailed on the PlayStation Blog This morning, Sony revealed that you will add four new games to PlayStation Now for April 2022. Specifically, those games include -worldworthy Rally 10 FIA_, VIAJE to the wild planet and Hew Earthblood. However, these four games will not reach PS Now at this time. Instead, Sony has said that both will arrive at the service next Tuesday, April 5.

Perhaps the best of these new PlayStation NOW games for April is that they are composed of several different genres. _ Exterior Decomodines_ is a set of adventures on temporary loop, while -worldwide Rally WRC 10 FIA is obviously associated with the race genre. Hangre the apocalypse – EarthBlood then gives the Subscribers of PS NOW a new role-playing game while viage to the wild planet is a first-person action title. Then, in general, there is a good amount of variety in service this month.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that these four new games that will arrive at PlayStation Now have not been assigned output dates. Often, when new titles are revealed for PS NOW, Sony adds a warning that details when they could leave the subscription platform. However, in the case of the new incorporations of April, there have been no dates on when they could leave. As such, it seems that each one will be part of PlayStation Now for quite some time.

What are your feelings about this new PlayStation NOW lineup for April? Will you seek to play any of these titles if you are a subscriber of the service? Let me know for yourself in the comments or you can contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.