With the Boom of social networks also came a new profession for fans of beauty: digital influencer. It is increasingly common to see women with millions of faithful followers, with a great power of spraying information within their target audience giving makeup tips, hair products and skincare. And precisely when the strategists of the beauty market were already well familiar with them, the power of influence is changing hands.

According to a survey conducted by the consumption group, research and innovation company, with approximately 1,585 women from class A, B and C of all Brazil, 63% of the interviewees follow influencers to stay informed about the novelties in the world of beauty. However, trust in their opinions fell . Only 5% of them feel motivated to experience a product based on the opinion of an influencer.

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“With the millionaire contracts, their own products and ‘receipts’, the consumer has difficulty differentiating what is a genuine opinion and what is a #Publi. They listen to what a great influencer speaks, but they even believe in what the little one is saying, “says Michel Alcephorado, anthropologist and partner-founding of the consumption group.

The new influencers

With the feeling that they can not rely 100% in the famous bloggers, their friends’ opinions have gained extra weight in the assessments of beauty products for consumers. In total, 20% of women feel motivated to experience a Beauty product that was indicated by your friends. This behavior is even stronger in the age group between 24 and 35 years with a 24% index.

With this in mind, the brands of beauty products and personal care need to invest more in actions directed to the female audience, focusing on the power of nanoinfluence to promote their releases and main lines.

“It’s time to rethink the strategies and make the necessary changes so that women have more confidence at the time of the purchase decision. Otherwise, several brands will lose sales and even credibility with their clients, “says Michel.