The third season of the The Witcher series is now in production, multiply Netflix production in a recent twiit.

Povestea lui Vesemir | The Witcher | Netflix
A new image that can be seen from the top of the news and at the bottom of the news, in addition to a future season (Synopsis).

“When the continental rulers, magic and beasts compete with Cir’s imprisonment, bring Geralt to hide, deciding to protect his recently protecting their family from those who threaten to destroy it,” begins description.

“Yennefer, Whose Ciri’s magical education has been entrusted, leads them to the protected Aretuza fortress, where he hopes to get to know more about the utilized forces of the girl. Instead, they will find that they had to have a political corruption, gloomy magic and fraud battlefield. They must be defended, to point all the game or danger that they may lose each other as anxiety. “

The publishing period of the forthcoming season is not yet aware.

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